Nokian Logger King LS-2 – rugged but clever

Skidder tire for the hardest conditions and the biggest machinery

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At home in the extreme

Nokian Logger King has more than enough rubber and steel to take the beating and stabbing of the heaviest skidder use – day after day. But it also features some clever design and new rubber compound to maximize the grip, durability and self cleaning properties. Clever features to speed up your daily work and ruggedness for longer service life – Nokian Logger King is the tire for professional loggers.

Rugged. Ultra-durable, high-strength multi-layer textile carcass with wide steel breakers and plenty of special rubber compound adds up to a tire you can rely on for a long time.

Clever. Aggressive tread design and good self-cleaning make your everyday work more efficient. Special rubber compound in the bead area minimizes rim slip.

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Maximum service life, minimum downtime.

Nokian Logger King keeps the timber moving – on time.

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Caleb Haney


John Deere 848H skidder


Nokian Logger King LS-2, 35.5L-32


Meridian, Mississippi, USA

Climbing slippery slopes

A scorching day in the state of Mississippi gradually turns dark and cloudy. Suddenly a heavy afternoon rain starts soaking the steep slopes of forest where Mayerhoff & Sons Trucking Inc. is harvesting timber today. There is a loud roar of the heavy machinery and the smell of diesel in the air as the skidders climb the hillside one after another pulling massive pine trees.

“The problem is that not everyone has these same tyres!”

“When the rain gets really heavy we just have to stop working. The soil type here is such that when it gets wet, the trucks can no more come and get the timber. These slippery slopes are not so easy for us either”, says Caleb Haney.

Caleb is just pulling the day’s last truck (Mack E7-460) off the site due to the pouring rain. The rain doesn’t seem to bother him, though. “I really wouldn’t need to quit just yet because my tires work just fine. The problem is that not everyone has these same tires on their machines”, Caleb grins.

Tight grip – on gravel or mud

Ned Star Mid Timber Harvesting Inc. is about to finish their work on a site. The burning sun of Mississippi has just risen. Despite of the scattered clouds, the temperature often reaches 95 °F (35 °C) even in the morning.

“You’ll need tyres that can handle any terrain”

“You’ll need to watch out for rattlesnakes here. I’ve seen quite a few already. They like to hide out under the branches where there’s cooler. You’ll want to keep your rubber boots on when you’re walking around here”, warns Mason from the cabin of his Tigercat.

Mason is impressed with the versatility of Nokian Logger King. “There have been all kinds of terrains on this site. Some really soft mud here and there, then some very dry gravel up on the hill. You’ll need tyres that can handle any terrain. From my experience, these Nokian tyres feel like they are made for these kind of rough conditions”, he says.


Mason Turner


Tigercat 620C skidder


Nokian Logger King LS-2, 35.5L-32


Meridian, Mississippi, USA


Steel breakers for extreme puncture resistance
Ultra-durable, high-strength multilayer textile carcass
Special rubber compound designed for forestry use
Unique single wire bead construction for easier on-site assembly and even rim flange loading
Special bead rubber compound minimizes the possibility of rim slip
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Nokian Logger King LS-2 Extreme - For extreme logging

Nokian Logger King is also available in Extreme version for the heaviest machinery and the most demanding conditions. Offering a load capacity up to 27 000 lbs (12 250 kg), the Extreme version is the ultimate tire for professional forestry work. The Extreme version is available in sizes 30.5L-32 and 35.5L-32.

Technical specifications

Nokian Logger King LS-2

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