Nokian WR D4

Premium winter tire for middle-sized and high-powered cars

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Premium winter tire for middle-sized and high-powered cars

Nokian WR D4 is a versatile winter tire designed for safe and balanced driving on wet and snowy roads alike.

Officially approved for winter use

We recommend this tyre also for electric and hybrid cars!

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Excellent grip on all surfaces

A real winter tire can also successfully tackle the challenges of wet roads: slush and water. The arrow-like Nokian WR D4 steers in a balanced manner and grips absolutely firmly in real winter weather.

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More winter grip, better steering feel

Each tread block and sipe in the stylish tread pattern has a precise shape and role, and this can be felt in the excellent grip and handling properties.

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Controlled handling

The sipes of the sturdy centre rib do not run across its entire width, which improves precision and promotes controlled handling.

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Precise grip, excellent wear resistance, low fuel consumption

The unique particle distribution of the Nokian Twin Trac Silica rubber compound, which contains natural rubber, silica and canola oil, ensures peak performance for snow and wet grip.

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More innovations

You can drive about 50 kilometres on an empty tyre if the car is fully loaded.

Flat Run property (optional)

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Nokian Tyres is a pioneer of environmental friendliness in its field and is the world's first tire manufacturer to have fully introduced low PAH content oils in its production.

Purified oils

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Maximum grip on snow

The tread blocks are split into groups of three and have Handling Supports on the bottoms of the grooves in order to improve handling.

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More grip and driving feel

Stiff Handling Blocks

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Balanced handling

Handling Supports

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Grip for extreme conditions

Deep Snow Booster

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Effectively prevents aquaplaning and slushplaning

Slush Blower

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More driving comfort

Silent Sidewall Technology

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Safety on slushy and wet roads

Polished Grooves

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Increases safety and driving comfort

DSI and WSI indicators

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Improve safety and comfort

Information area

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Independent comparison tests

3rd place

Auto Motor und Sport 10/2018
Nokian WR D4 205/55R16 91 H

The best on snow, precise and easy to control. Very good performance on dry road and the lowest rolling resistance.

2nd place

ACE Lenkrad 9/2018
Nokian WR D4 185/65R15

Very good handling properties on dry and snowy surface. Optimum value in rolling resistance.

4th place "Satisfactory”

ADAC 10/2018
Nokian WR D4 175/65R14

Top grade on ice and praised for good performance on wet. Has good in fuel consumption and wear resistance.

4th place "Recommendable"

TCS 9/2018
Nokian WR D4 175/65R14

Top grade on ice. Good on wet road and in fuel consumption and wear resistance.

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Nokian Tyres strengthens its cooperation with car manufacturers in Central Europe

Nokian Tyres succeeds again in independent European winter tyre tests

Nokian WR D4 finishes second in the winter tyre test by German automotive authority ADAC

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