Inka Mero

Inka Mero

Board member

History in the company

Member of the Board since 2014
Independent of the company
Member of the Audit Committee

Year of Birth



Master of Science (Economics)


Managing Partner & Founder, Voima Ventures VC Fund

Key experience

2019– Voima Ventures I & II VC Fund, Managing Partner & Founder
2008– KoppiCatch Oy, Co-founder and Chairwoman
2016–2019 Industryhack Oy (Pivot5 oy), Co-founder and Chairwoman
2008–KoppiCatch Oy, Co-founder and Chairwoman
2006–2008 Playforia Oy, CEO
2005–2006 Nokia Corporation, Director
2001–2005 Digia Plc, VP, Sales and Marketing
1996–2001 Sonera Corporation, Investment Manager

Positions of trust

Chairman of the Board: KoppiCatch Oy, Voima Ventures Oy and Adamant Health Oy
Member of the Board: Fiskars Corporation Plc, Dispelix Oy, Elfys Oy, Tactotek Oy, Skyfora Oy and Klevu Oy

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