The Company complies with the guidelines for insider trading drawn up by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Furthermore, the Company has drawn up separate insider guidelines that have been approved by the Board of Directors and that supplement other insider regulations as well as include instructions on insiders and insider administration.

Project-specific insider lists are drawn up of people involved in insider projects of the Company. Persons with insider information are not allowed to trade in the Company’s financial instruments until the project has become void or been published. Those entered into the project-specific list of insiders are notified of their entry into the said list and the duties it entails, as well as the termination of the insider project.

The Company maintains a separate list of people in managerial positions and their related persons. In 2020, the persons holding executive positions in the Company, as defined in the Market Abuse Regulation, were the members of the Board of Directors, the President and CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, the business area directors of the the Passenger Car Tyres business unit, the director of the Nokian Heavy Tyres business unit and the director of the Vianor business unit.

Persons holding managerial positions within the Company are allowed to trade in the Company’s financial instruments only for 30 days after the publication day of the Company’s financial statement report, half year report, or interim report. The same applies to persons who participate in the preparation, maintaining, and/or publication of the Company’s financial reports. The prohibition on trading mentioned hereinabove also applies to persons who process the financial reporting and forecasts of the Nokian Tyres Group.

The Group General Counsel for Nokian Tyres is responsible for the overall management of insider matters in the Company and the related communication (limitations on trade, obligations to announce and publish management transactions). The Group General Counsel checks the information for the persons holding executive positions and their related persons at least once per year. The CFO is the Group General Counsel’s substitute for insider matters. 

Managers and their closely associated persons are requested to notify the Company of transactions with financial instruments relating to Nokian Tyres. View detailed instructions for managers' transactions here.

Published managers' transaction notifications can be found in Nokian Tyres’ stock exchange releases.

Further information on management shareholding is available here.



The Company has defined processes that internal and external parties can use to notify of any suspected violations of the Company’s insider trading guidelines or other instructions, or of any other malpractices. External parties can use the email address whistleblow@nokiantyres.com.

 All whistleblowing notifications are investigated promptly in a confidential manner and protecting the identity of the whistleblower as far as possible.