Sustainable investments

Nokian Tyres’ ability to generate value for shareholders and other stakeholders is based on profitable growth and a strong position within the selected business areas. Our strengths include innovative, pioneering products, a trusted brand, lasting customer relationships, and the most efficient and flexible production facilities in the industry. Healthy profitability and faster-than-market growth are made possible by our competent and motivated personnel and satisfied customers.


Global operation on two different end markets (passenger car tires and heavy special tires for the industry) and our own Vianor network provide stability. The different business functions in various markets balance the geographical risk and the seasonal nature of the passenger car tire business.


We are a strong player in selected markets. Our goal is to be the market leader in the Nordic countries and Russia and to maintain profitable growth in our other main markets: over a five-year period, we will grow our sales by 50% in Central Europe and double our sales in North America. In the long term, we want to be a significant actor on all winter tire markets. Learn more about market areas.


We are aiming to grow faster than the market with strategically selected projects. In addition to investing in markets and areas of growth, we have continued to improve our competitiveness by increasing our global delivery capacity, expanding our product offering, and developing the customer focus of our activities and services.


Global megatrends create new, interesting opportunities for growth. Digitalization, changes in mobility, and increased attention to safety increase the demand for responsible actors such as Nokian Tyres and enable new types of business models.


Our good business results and solid financial foundation provide us with excellent opportunities for developing sustainable business, implementing selected growth projects and paying good dividends. We continue to work systematically toward top results.

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