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Expansion in the environmentally friendly flotation radial tyre selection: Efficiency for versatile trailer use

Nokian Heavy Tyres is expanding its offering of environmentally friendly flotation radial tyres designed for agricultural use. The new flotation product family features special properties particularly tailored for slurry tankers. The first sizes will become available for sales in March 2010.

Because of the large contact area, the low-profile radial tyre imposes considerably less surface pressure on the field than corresponding bias tyres. This results in high field productivity and easy machine movement, even on soft soil.

The high load-bearing capacity of the new product adds efficiency to professional contracting. The excellent cleaning properties of the tread pattern ensure that as little soil as possible is transferred to roads. Low rolling resistance results in low fuel consumption. Even longer transitions proceed smoothly, since the sturdy, easily rolling special tyre is also suitable for higher speeds on the road D (65 km/h).

Size range:
650/60R30.5 New rim size 650/60R34
750/65R30.5 750/55R34
850/50R30.5 850/45R34

A new size of Nokian Country King for self-loading trailers

Thanks to the large contact area and low rolling resistance, the Nokian Country King moves lightly and economically on fields and roads alike. The new Nokian Country King size 710/45R22.5 is suitable for varying trailer use, for self-loading trailers and sileage wagons in particular.

Nokian Country King’s reinforced steel belt structure endures and carries the load both on rocky fields and on soft soil. When the amount of load increases, the tyre’s contact area expands, which improves its traction. Thanks to the sturdy structure, the trailer will not sway or move during loading.

The block-tread patterned tyre offers high quality driving comfort outside fields as well. Nokian Country King is a silent tyre that rolls steadily and smoothly on road. The speed category of the tyre is D (65 km/h). Low rolling resistance reduces the consumption of fuel, which makes the tyre an economical and environment-friendly choice.

The tread pattern flares at the shoulder which ensures that the tyre cleans effortlessly and the machines do not carry soil onto roads. The DSI safety indicator facilitates monitoring durability. Nokian Country King is manufactured without high-aromatic oils.

Nokian Country King - Sturdy and versatile flotation radial tyre

  • High load-bearing capacity, sturdy and comfortable driving
  • Due to the low rolling resistance the tyre saves fuel and the environment
  • Cleans easily

Nokian Heavy Tyres – forerunner in special tyres

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd, a manufacturer of high-quality special tyres, is a part of the Nokian Tyres Group. The company’s product range includes forestry tyres, special tyres for agricultural machinery and a variety of industrial machinery tyres used in, for example, harbours and terminals, underground mines, earthmoving and road maintenance.

Nokian Tyres is a pioneering tyre manufacturer in environmental issues. It was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful oils in its production processes and to use purified oils only.

Environmental friendliness is a key principle in our R&D philosophy. The company aims to develop products that burden the environment as little as possible. The rubber compounds, treads and structures of special tyres withstand wear and tear, which, from the users’ point of view, translates into many operating hours and functionality in demanding conditions. The lightly rolling tyres also reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Continued reduction of tyre vibration and noise is another challenge for product development.

Further information:

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Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd
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