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Press Release 20 August 2007

Forest King TRS L-2 -- irresistible traction

for CTL forestry machines

Nokian Heavy Tyres’ new product, Forest King TRS L-2, rolls effortlessly in demanding forest environments. The tread pattern of the tyre designed for CTL (Cut to Length) forestry machines has been developed to meet the increasingly stringent demands on load-bearing and traction properties. The wide rib on the tread ensures efficient travel over difficult terrain. The shoulder has been made sharper than before to ensure firm lateral grip.

The new product offered by the pioneer and market leader in forestry tyre technology also features minimised vibration. Thanks to its newly designed wider rib, Forest King TRS L-2 rolls evenly and smoothly. The high-quality and durable product offers contractors many hours of use and reliability in a variety of logging and harvesting tasks.

Forest King TRS L-2 to replace Forest King TRS LS-2

Designed for CTL machinery, the Forest King TRS L-2 forestry tyre will replace Forest King TRS LS-2. Featuring a new tread design, the product corresponds to its predecessor in terms of size and purpose of use. Pressure recommendations will also remain unchanged.

Old product TRS LS-2

New product Forest King TRS L-2
600/50-22.5 / 16 PR600/50-22.5 / 16 PR
700/45-22.5 / 16 PR710/40-22.5 / 16 PR
600/55-26.5 / 16 PR600/55-26.5 / 16 PR
600/55-26.5 / 20 PR600/55-26.5 / 20 PR
700/50-26.5 / 16 PR710/45-26.5 / 16 PR
700/50-26.5 / 20 PR710/45-26.5 / 20 PR
Environmental friendliness a fundamental value of Nokian Heavy Tyres

Respect for the environment is an inherent part of the company’s product development approach. Our goal is to minimise the environmental load caused by our product manufacture. Similar to all Nokian Heavy Tyres products, the Nokian Forest King TRS L-2 is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. Only purified, low-aromatic oils are used in the rubber compounds.

The first Nokian Forest King TRS L-2 tyre size, 710/40-22.5 16 PR, will be available in August 2007. More sizes will be introduced in September 2007.

Nokian Forest King TRS L-2 product presentation

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