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As the first tyre manufacturer in the world, Nokian Tyres has developed an intelligent tyre technology system that communicates directly with the driver's mobile phone in the future. The system sends real-time data on tyre pressures to the driver's mobile phone without the need to install any extra equipment in the vehicle.

Nokian Tyres owns the rights to the product concept and a patent for the system is pending.

In the Nokian Tyres' intelligent tyre technology system, there is a constant connection between the tyres mounted on the vehicle. The intelligent chip in the tyre acts as a measuring instrument, registers the tyre pressures and changes in tyre temperatures and transmits the data to the receiver, the driver's Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, which supports the user interface of the system.

The functionality of the Nokian Tyres intelligent tyre project will progress along with the development of the required technologies.

In the first phase, Nokian Tyres' intelligent tyre technology focuses on measuring tyre temperature and pressure. Later applications and further development areas include, for example, preventing aquaplaning and slushplaning, monitoring tyre wear, anti-theft devices, vehicle positioning and logistics solutions.

- With the intelligent tyre technology system, Nokian Tyres has entered a new area of technology and business. During the year 2001, the company aims to commercialise and globalise the system. We are already in the process of selecting co-operation partners for the different application areas, says Mr. Kim Gran, President and CEO of Nokian Tyres.

The first commercial applications of the intelligent tyre technology system will be implemented on truck and van tyres as well as passenger car tyres with high-speed ratings.

The intelligent tyre technology system has been developed in co-operation with Flextronics International, Nokia, the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)and VTI Hamlin.

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Kim Gran, President and CEO, tel. +358 3 340 7336
Antero Juopperi, Vice President, Passenger car and delivery van tyres, tel. +358 3 340 7524

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