Mon November 9 10:06 am 2009 in category Company news

More agility for Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes

The new Nokian RTG 18.00-25 adds more agility to the eight-wheel RTG cranes. RTG cranes move heavy containers, and their wheels typically feature stationary turning which demands high power from actuators. The structure and tread pattern of the new tyre are optimised for RTG harbour cranes.

The tread pattern with rounded tread blocks and ribs allows the wheels turn more easily than before. Low heat build-up of the Nokian RTG slows significantly down the wearing process and reduces the risk of tyre damage. The low heat build-up of the agile and stable bias tyre can also be utilised in reachstackers, where the speed of the machine and the heat build-up of the tyres are typically higher. This special product has low rolling resistance, which also reduces fuel consumption.


18.00-25 40 PR TL Load-bearing capacity: 17 500 kg / 25 km/h /1 000 kPa
14.00-24 28 PR TL Load-bearing capacity: 9 500 kg / 25 km/h /1 000 kPa