Fri November 13 11:18 am 2009 in category Company news

New Fingerprint magazine has been published: Respecting the environment

Nokian Heavy Tyres´ new Fingerprint magazine 2/2009 has been published in English, German, Russian and Finnish.

In this issue:

* European Tour 2009. Profiteam Holzer and Nokian Forest Rider

More than 9,000 kilometres and work demonstrations around Europe. The destinations sound familiar from tourist guides: Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Jönköping, Vilnius.
* Respecting the environment

The environmentally sound technology used at Nokian Heavy Tyres helps improve cost-efficiency. Developing and producing cutting-edge properties requires persistent testing and hard work, both in the actual operating environments and in laboratory conditions.
* Fritz Obermaier, AGCO Fendt, Sales Director Special Applications "As a supplier of premium tractors, we also appreciate quality and superior performance in tyres"
* Pressure indicator on guard: The red giant in the wolves´ nest