Mon November 25 10:23 am 2013 in category Company news

New generation of Steyr tractors uses Nokian Heavy Tyres

Steyr tractors from Austria will be equipped with Finnish tyres. The seamless co-operation between Forestree, a Nokian Heavy Tyres reseller, and Steyr’s Austrian factory gave public utility and forestry tractors their new tyres.

Nokian tyres will be installed on new tractors in Steyr’s Multi range, in the 100–130 HP power classes. This size has been designed to meet all the requirements that are placed on this strong combination by gardening work, the forest conditions on the Alps, and the municipal sector.
These conditions put the real performance of the tractors to the test, so the tyres also need to perform well, both on the streets and in the forest. Steyr wants to serve professionals with the best possible configuration, and has therefore selected the Nokian TRI2 tyres for normal use and the Nokian TR Multiplus tyres for forestry work.
Trust has been earned during the long cooperation between Finns and Austrians. Raoul Narodoslavsky from Forestree is living Nokian Heavy Tyres’ promise of being close to the customer.
– We are always trying to find the best possible solution for each client. Steyr tractors need be able to operate under demanding conditions, so Finnish tyres were the best choice.
Large and European
CNH is a worldwide company that sells machines for agriculture and the construction industry in 170 countries. It is owned by Fiat from Italy. Steyr has been a part of CNH since 1996. Steyr’s special expertise in mountain areas and forestry has helped it to succeed in the large group.
The high level of engineering and production expertise at the St. Valentin factory has brought the group’s European tractor development and manufacturing to this small Austrian village.
Important performance factor
Tyres are an important performance factor for tractors. Even the best machine will underperform without optimal tyres, as the power is not transferred to the platform in the best possible way. A tyre’s operating life is also an important part of the customer’s choice, and Nokian is a top performer in this respect. Nokian Heavy Tyres for the public sector and forestry are built to the highest standards in order to allow for the best possible power transfer between the machine and varying terrain. This makes them optimal for demanding everyday use.
This convinced Steyr, which is now offering Nokian tyres as original equipment. The achievement has brought about a very close cooperation between Steyr’s engineers and Nokian Heavy Tyres, starting from the very first design stages for the Steyr Multi tractors. Forestree frequently brings Finnish engineers to Steyr’s factory to discuss the quality requirements for the tyres. Their goal is common: achieving the best machinery tyre for the customer’s everyday use.
Supporting new innovations
Steyr expects its Multi range of tractors to become a four-wheel drive European sales magnet. The 32x32 gearbox is a sum of new innovations, and it has been developed in cooperation with the German ZF. It brings major improvements to the powertrain as well as deceleration. This places heavy requirements on the tyre, especially in terms of grip. The block pattern of the tyres offers a firm grip, both on asphalt and off-road.
As a demonstration of the trust, Forestree delivers the tyres and rims directly to Steyr’s production line. Like every professional, Nokian has earned this trust with their hard work. As a result, even more European tractors roll on Finnish tyres.