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New Nokian ELS Radial size: Heavy agricultural machines and trailers can also roll lightly

Nokian ELS Radial, a tyre designed for heavy agricultural machines and trailers, carries even heavy loads lightly and with respect for the environment.

Thanks to the large contact area, the low-profile radial tyre imposes considerably less surface pressure on the field than corresponding bias tyres. This results in high field productivity and easy machine movement, even on soft soil. With round-shouldered flotation tyres, the traction effort required from a tractor pulling a trailer is up to 50% less than with competing tyre brands.

The new Nokian ELS Radial 650/60 R34 size is ideal for slurry tanks, for example. The excellent cleaning properties of the pattern ensure that as little soil as possible is transferred to roads. Low rolling resistance results in low fuel consumption. Even longer hauls proceed smoothly, since the sturdy, easily rolling Nokian ELS Radial is also suitable for higher speeds on the road.

Nokian ELS Radial tyre sizes:

500/50 R17 700/50 R26.5
500/60 R22.5 650/65 R26.5
550/60R22.5 750/55 R26.5
560/45R22.5 650/60 R 34 (new size)
600/50 R22.5 710/55 R34
710/45 R22.5 800/50 R34
600/55 R26.5 800/60 R34

Further information:

Jukka Hautala
Marketing Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres
tel. +358 10 401 7570

Martti Päivinen
Product Development Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres
tel. +358 10 401 7544