Mon June 18 02:23 am 2012 in category Company news

Newest Heavy magazine goes under demanding conditions

The latest Heavy magazine from Nokian Heavy Tyres focuses on those areas with the highest customer demands. Many worksites have special conditions, with professionals working as well, and as efficiently, as possible.

The promises made by Nokian Heavy Tyres to its customers are put to the test in the forests and towns alongside steep hills in the Alps, the frozen ground in Finland, the sharp stones of the mines, busy terminals, Brazilian sugar cane fields, and now even on rails.
The greatest challenge in product development is to be humble, tenacious, and extremely creative in the face of varying demands. The right attitude and sheer expertise will eventually lead to effective results, the spreading of Beyond All-Steel technology, new products, and personal service, of course.
In addition to all this, the latest issue of Heavy also tells you how a tyre and all its characteristics can help in creating world-class contemporary art. Heavy is published in English, German, Russian, and Finnish.
Heavy 1/2012, pdf