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Newest Heavy magazine out into the world

With its heavy tyres, the Heavy magazine rolls lightly around the world. We went to different countries to hear what hard-working professionals think of tyres as part of their demanding work processes.

Heavy 2/2011 - "All-star team"
- The Unimog is a cutesy, small vehicle. Road management in Stuttgart, Germany knows what the tiny machine can do when fitted with the correct tyres.
- In Montreal, Canada, more power and clear savings have been generated at the port terminal. The arrival of a cargo ship starts a circus where everything needs to run like clockwork, with as few surprises as possible.
- The earthmoving entrepreneur from Seinäjoki is naturally not keen on driving his wheeled excavator for 50 kilometres in the middle of the night - but this has also been done on occasion.
- When the area of operation covers roughly half of the nation of Kazakhstan in Central Asia, we are dealing with a rather large mining complex. Put modestly, the company's area of operation is the size of Poland, containing 17 mines and 1,100 kilometres of railroad.
- Being a pioneer means finding out the facts yourself. Researching the characteristics of heavy tyres has been difficult, with no test equipment available in the world. This, however, has now changed. Read more in the magazine.
- Instead of a machine, this tyre is rotated by a woman. With the expert opinion of Finland's Strongest Woman, Kati Luoto, on the lightness of the Nokian Country King trailer tyre, the magazine completes its offering of information and entertainment.
Heavy, the Nokian Heavy Tyres customer magazine, is published in Finnish, English, German, and Russian.
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