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Nokian Heavy Tyres is the world's market leader in forestry tyres and a forerunner in the industry with the advanced Nokian Forest Rider

Nokian Forest King F is the world's strongest forestry tyre

Nokian Nordman Forest – reliable cost-effective forestry tyre for a versatile professional use

Nokian Heavy Tyres, manufacturer of high-quality special tyres, is part of the Finnish Nokian Tyres Group and is the world's market leader in forestry tyres.

Nokian's range of forestry tyres is headed by the advanced Nokian Forest Rider. The Nokian Forest Rider offers superior traction and outstanding driving comfort, and is a bold forerunner and pioneer in its sector. It was brought to market in 2006, after thorough development work, as the first functional radial forestry tyre. Thousands of professional timber harvesters around the globe are convinced of the special features and the reliability of this unique forestry tyre for CTL (cut-to-length) machines.

The size 710/70 R34 was specially developed for the commonly used 6-wheel harvesters and forwarders in order to meet the growing demands in terms of load capacity. As a narrower alternative for thinning work, there is the Nokian Forest Rider size 600/50 R 24.5, which is especially intended for use for smaller machines.

The strength of this reliable state-of-the-art product matches the strongest cross-ply tyres in the world (Ply Rate 20 PR), such as the Nokian Forest King F. Durability is secured by the sturdy structure and patented side puncture protection, which effectively prevents punctures and cuts.

"The sturdy radial structure can be sensed and seen in the form of a wide contact area, which gives the tyre impressive grip and a sensitive, comfortable driving response,” says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres. “Compared with conventional cross-ply tyres, the Nokian Forest Rider has twelve percent better traction and five percent lower rolling resistance. Thanks to its low rolling resistance, the tyre protects the environment and reduces fuel costs."

As a result of its wider contact area the unique Nokian Forest Rider has a lower surface pressure compared with a cross-ply tyre, ensuring that the tyre does not sink in terrain with poor support. The tyre protects both the growing trees and the driver. Vibrations are damped, and in this way the tyre delivers greater driving comfort throughout the long working days which are typical of forestry work.

More actual operating hours thanks to tubeless design (TL = tubeless)
Thanks to the optimised rib pattern, the tyre has outstanding self-cleaning properties and does not damage the soil in soft forest terrain. Featuring excellent stability, the tyre keeps the machine firmly and safely on the ground during loading.

This easy-rolling workmate with its first-class traction operates impressively even under demanding conditions in which the use of chains and tracks is not possible. The tyre will also work effectively with chains and tracks, if required. Nokian Forest Rider can replace any commonly available forestry tyre of the same size.

The Nokian Forest Rider, used in CTL forestry machines and heavy tractors is manufactured with tubeless construction (TL=tubeless). A tubeless tyre offers forestry contractors a greater number of efficient working hours, since work is not interrupted by any tube damages. Tubeless mounting requires use of tubeless rim.

Nokian Forest Rider sizes for CTL forestry machinery:

Nokian Forest Rider – Driving comfort and excellent traction

  • The wide contact area provides supreme running capacity and is gentle on the surface.
  • The radial structure ensures pleasant driving response and minimises vibration.
  • The low rolling resistance results in lower fuel consumption.

New Nokian Forest King F – the world’s highest load bearing capacity in forestry tyre

Nokian Heavy Tyres has launched the world's strongest forestry tyre. The forerunner in forestry tyres has designed a revolutionary and sturdy product innovation, the Nokian Forest King F cross-ply tyre for CTL-harvesters (cut-to-length), size 710/45-26.5, which gives harvesters and forwarders the best operational reliability and load-bearing capacity in the industry.

The Ply Rate (PR) describes the durability and strength of this special tyre, tailored for demanding forest use, is 24. In contrast, commonly available forestry tyres on the market typically have a PR figure of 16 or 20. The load-bearing capacity of this stable, unparalleled first-class product has increased by more than one ton, from 6,900 kg (Nokian Forest King F 20 PR) to 8,000 kg (the new Nokian Forest King F 24 PR).
The new 780/55-26.5 size has been developed on the basis of the 750/55-26.5 size, for use in challenging conditions with a heavy load and for use with tracks.

Nokian Forest King F - stable and sturdy even under demanding conditions in the forest

  • Balanced shape, very stable in use, designed for CTL machinery
  • Durable straight sides and tread pattern
  • Excellent grip and reliability when used with tracks and chains

Nokian Forest King F sizes:
710/40-22.5 PR 16
710/40-24.5 PR 20
600/55-26.5 PR 20
710/45-26.5 PR 16
710/45-26.5 PR 20
710/45-26.5 PR 24
750/55-26.5 PR 20
780/55-26.5 PR 20
800/40-26.5 PR 20

Nokian Nordman Forest – cost-effective choice with improved strength and load bearing capacity

The Nokian Nordman Forest forestry tyres can be relied upon even under changing conditions around the world. These reliable, special-purpose tyres are designed for wide-ranging professional use on CTL (cut-to-length) forestry machines.

The new 750/55-26.5 size is a cost-effective alternative, in particular for forestry machines which are older or in need of a basic overhaul.
Strength and load-carrying capacity have been improved for the 710/45-26.5 and 600/55-26.5 sizes. The Ply Rate (PR) figure has been increased for these sizes from the previous 16 to 20. The PR figure provides information about the durability of the products.

These reliable and durable cross-ply tyres will perform without surprises in various harvesting tasks. Efficient work is ensured by Nokian Heavy Tyres’ traditional expertise and technical solutions, tried and tested in genuine working conditions.

Nokian Nordman Forest sizes:
710/45-26.5 PR 20
600/55-26.5 PR 20
600/65-34 PR 20
700/55-34 PR 20
750/55-26.5 PR 20

Market leader and forerunner in forestry tyres

Nokian Heavy Tyres is the global market leader in forestry tyres. The company has designed special tyres for forestry machines that use the CTL (cut-to-length) method, developed in the Nordic countries, since the 1960s. Its product range includes tyres for cut-to-length (CTL) as well as full-tree (FT) machines, such as skidders. The range also includes special tyres for tractors used partly or mainly in the forest. Nokian Tyres products are known for their extremely high quality that guarantees a long service life and reliable functionality for a variety of uses and conditions.

All products feature high quality and durability, as well as innovative solutions developed as the result of research and development, conducted in close co-operation with customers. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional, flexible service – the best in its field.

Nokian Heavy Tyres is a pioneering tyre manufacturer in environmental matters. It was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful oils in its production processes and to use only purified oils.

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