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Nokian Tyres introduces a new on and off-road product line for trucks

Nokian Heavy Tyres, Nokia, Finland, 21 August 2018 – Nokian Tyres, celebrating its 120 years in business, has been systematically broadening its product portfolio for trucks and buses in the past few years. The latest addition is the Nokian R-Truck product range for demanding on and off-road use – such as earthmoving and forestry applications.

Tires for two worlds

“On and off-road use puts special, even conflicting demands on a truck tire”, says Nokian Heavy Tyres Product Manager Teppo Siltanen. “It’s like two different worlds – the smooth highway and the rocky earthmoving site or the muddy forest road. The Nokian R-Truck product line strikes an excellent compromise between the two worlds.”

Starting with the off-road world, all Nokian R-Truck tires have open pattern and wide grooves that ensure good self-cleaning on soft surfaces such as mud, sand and snow. This improves both grip and reliability. What’s more, they feature a special rubber compound that is highly resistant to cuts and cracks. This reduces the risk of tire damage on rough surfaces. The tires also have stone ejectors in their main grooves, increasing the tire operating life.

On-road, the Nokian R-Truck tires boast an excellent mileage thanks to their even wear pattern and low heat build-up. What’s more, the tires keep their good properties throughout their lifetime. The non-directional pattern is also quiet and has a low rolling resistance.

Innovative design

“The Nokian R-Truck series really represents the cutting edge in tire design”, says Teppo Siltanen. “The non-directional tread, open tread pattern with big tread blocks and even the sidewall design are very modern.”

True to the Nokian Tyres tradition, the new Nokian R-Truck series is suitable for year-round use. All the tires have the 3PMSF approval, and they are equally at home on snowy roads and hot tarmac.

Business Line Director Ari Maunula sums it up: “Nokian R-Truck tires have been tested and manufactured in Europe, and the new range corresponds to the European standards and regulations. We wanted to design the best possible tire for European drivers, no matter how north or south they drive.”

Tire for every application

The Nokian R-Truck series consists of three models:

Nokian R-Truck Steer
Designed for year-round use on steer axles on on and off-road trucks, Nokian R-Truck Steer excels in tough conditions. The stone ejectors in its main grooves prolong the operating life especially on rough surfaces.

Nokian R-Truck Drive
An all-season drive axle tire designed for on and off-road trucks operating in demanding conditions and various surfaces. Its tread has large blocks that offer durability and reduce cuts and tears in challenging environments.

Nokian R-Truck Trailer
A reliable choice for demanding year-round trailer use, Nokian R-Truck Trailer is optimized for demanding on and off-road and timber trailer use. Its main grooves have stone ejectors that reduce the risk of tire damage.

Designed for peace of mind

Clever technology put aside, all the Nokian R-Truck series features are there for a single purpose: to make working on earthmoving sites and forest roads as well as highways safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

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