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Nokian Tyres launches a full range of new forestry skidder tyres

Nokian Logger King LS-2 is the ultimate workhorse for the full-tree forestry work. The completely new design provides brilliant features in a very robust form. Logger King is targeted for use on skidders and it comes in five sizes of 23.1-26, 28L-26, 24.5-32, 30.5L-32 and 35.5L-32. The two largest sizes also have an extreme version available for the most demanding forestry work when normal is just not enough.

Nokian Logger King LS-2

- We wanted to renew and update our previous product family for the full-tree forestry application. We have strong knowledge of forestry applications and we wanted to make the best product for the market. Logger King has already been tested for a couple of years in the hardest conditions all over the world reaching from New Zealand to the US. With this product, we wanted to focus on durability and a long service life without compromising traction capabilities. These machines often operate in very distant locations and the tyres must be trouble-free, says Teemu Vainionpää, Product Manager, Forestry Tyres in Nokian Heavy Tyres.

Rugged but clever

The new product comes in two versions: Logger King LS-2 and Logger King LS-2 Extreme. The standard version is suitable for the majority of the environments and machines starting from small to medium sized skidders. Both versions feature a new rubber compound resulting from a test period of many years in the most demanding conditions all over the world. Logger King LS-2 Extreme has a more robust carcass structure and extra steel layers giving it a high ply rating and ultimate protection against punctures. The extreme version is for the most severe environments and the strongest and heaviest machines. The biggest size in the range, 35.5L-32, is available only in the extreme version.

Caleb Haney, Meridian, Mississippi, USA: 
“When the rain gets really heavy we just have to stop working. The soil type here is such that when it gets wet, the trucks can no longer come and get the timber. These slippery slopes are not so easy for us either”, says Caleb Haney. Caleb is just pulling the day’s last truck (Mack E7-460) off the site due to the pouring rain. “I really wouldn’t need to quit just yet because my tyres work just fine. The problem is that not everyone has these same tyres on their machines”, Caleb grins.

Nokian Logger King LS-2 features

The tread is open and aggressive with shovel shaped lugs for the best possible self-cleaning and traction. The high tread depth together with wide and sharp lug design on the shoulder give excellent lateral grip and protect the tyre well when chains are used. The tread has special tyre protectors on the groove bottom for better protection in chain use. Traction and balance have been improved by designing the tread to be straighter thereby enabling wider contact with the ground.

The new design also features straighter sidewalls. The new lug design together with the sidewall structure form a wide and strong “push bar” to the side of the tyre against impacts.

Nokian Logger King LS-2 has a very high strength textile carcass with wide steel reinforcements under the tread. The Extreme version has an even stronger carcass structure enabling high ply rating figures and extra layers of steel breakers under the tread for ultimate protection against punctures.

Logger King features proven and tested single wire bead design. The unique hexagon shape bead wire distributes the load evenly to the rim flange and prevents tyre slipping on the rim. Single wire construction also makes the tyre installation easier than the conventional design and prevents the tyre from being damaged during installation. The bead area of the Logger King has specially designed rubber which is very stiff and sturdy. Special attention was given to rim protection when designing Logger King. There is a unique rim protector against sticks and stumps which tend to go between the tyre and the rim during operation.

The master of extreme conditions

Nokian Heavy Tyres is the leading manufacturer of forestry machine tyres in the world. Since the 1960s, the company has been designing special tyres for the Nordic Cut to Length system machines. The selection offers forestry machine tyres both for Nordic Cut to Length (CTL) method machines and Full Tree (FT) method machines, such as skidders. The selection also covers special tyres for tractors that are partly or mainly used for forestry. The products are known for their extremely high quality that provides the user many operating hours and reliable functionality in varying forestry conditions.

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd is part of the Nokian Tyres plc. group. The Nokian Heavy Tyres product range includes forestry machine tyres, special tyres for agricultural machines and tyres for machinery used in various locations, such as harbours and terminals, underground mines, earth-moving and road maintenance. Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer. The company promotes and facilitates safe driving in demanding conditions. It supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges placed on tyre performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons.

Nokian Logger King LS-2

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