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Nokian Tyres’ premium tyres help you overcome any pitfalls of this year's winter

Recently, the variable conditions of Central European winters have proven themselves to be capricious and often barely predictable. That's why the right tyres are a must for this winter as well. The leading winter tyre specialist, Nokian Tyres, introduces an expanded winter tyre selection that masters all the elements of the Central European winter and rapid temperature changes.

Nokian WR A4

Nokian Tyres’ winter tyre selection for the upcoming season is wider than ever. The company is adding several new sizes to its flagship winter tyre range for the Central European market, WR A4. The WR A4 for sporty and high-performance vehicles optimally combines high-performance handling and reliable winter grip, providing maximum safety and driving comfort. The versatile size selection of this premium winter tyre also includes sizes for modern electric cars.

“This year, the offer of our winter tyres for passenger cars is the widest in its history. Nokian Tyres´ premium tyres already cover an incredible 97% of all sizes for passenger cars on the European market. This year's winter season also drivers of new car models as Audi Q5, BMW 5, Škoda Kodiaq or MINI Cooper Countryman will be newly able to enjoy our winter tyres,” says Hannu Liitsola, Managing Director of Nokian Tyres CE.

Tyre expert for all winter conditions

As the northernmost tyre manufacturer, Nokian is the winter tyre expert for all winter conditions. Since the company developed the world’s first winter tyre more than 80 years ago, many improvements and technological advancements have been made to ensure safe and carefree driving. Moreover, the satisfaction guarantee provided to all customers makes the premium winter tyres of Nokian Tyres a true jewel on the European tyre market.

As a pioneer in the tyre industry, Nokian Tyres for example developed the most energy efficient winter tyre in the automotive industry for drivers of electric vehicles. According to the EU tyre label, the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 is in the best class A for fuel efficiency. This next-generation Hakkapeliitta winter tyre that combines longer range and first-class grip is designed for BMW’s i3 electric vehicles and i8 hybrids,” says Matti Morri, Technical Customer Service Manager for Nokian Tyres.

Another recent innovation involves the Aramid Sidewall technology. The Aramid fibre that Nokian Tyres uses in the sidewall compound strengthens the tyre’s sidewall, allowing it to better withstand impacts and cuts. The Aramid sidewalls with the Aramid guarantee have become popular innovations among drivers of the increasingly popular SUVs, as they provide drivers with more care-free off-roading and urban driving.

Extreme testing guarantees tyre quality

Extensive and extreme, the testing in winter conditions has become one of the major quality parameters of all Nokian Tyres products. The testing centre with a fitting name – White Hell – is a place where Nokian Tyres thoroughly tests its winter tyres on snow, ice and winter slush. This unique site spans over 700 hectares of snowy plains in Ivalo, Lapland, far beyond the Arctic Circle. More than 20,000 tyres are tested and over 40,000 kilometres driven on the test tracks in a season. It is by thorough testing that the best tyres can be separated from the good ones, enabling Nokian winter tyres to have the best safety characteristics in the world.

Premium innovations of winter tyres by Nokian Tyres

A challenging drive in winter weather requires one crucial thing: to be able to stop in an unexpected situation in time. That's why Nokian Tyres winter tyres' premium functions cover several innovations to enhance your safety, comfort, quiet driving and fuel saving:

Functional Performance Siping - Each tread block and sipe in the stylish tread pattern has a precise shape and role, and this can be felt in the excellent grip and handling properties. Used in Nokian WR A4.

Centre Block Channeling - The deep and open channels on the centre blocks increase grip under extreme winter conditions. The channels effectively push slush and water away from between the tyre and the road, which prevents slushplaning and aquaplaning. Used in Nokian Weatherproof, Nokian Weatherproof SUV.

WSI Winter Safety Indicator - The numbers on the centre surface of the tyre indicate how much of the main groove depth remains on the tread. The snowflake symbol of the Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) remains visible to a groove depth of four millimetres. Once the snowflake has worn out, the driver should purchase new winter tyres to ensure sufficient safety. Used in Nokian WR A4 and Nokian WR D4.

Silent sidewall technology - The special zone on the tyre sidewall helps to filter the noise and vibration from the road surface, reducing noise inside the vehicle. Used in Nokian WR A4, Nokian WR D3, Nokian WR D4.

Aramid Sidewall Technology - More durability for SUV drivers, all Nokian Tyres’ premium SUV products feature the unique Aramid Sidewall Technology. The Aramid fiber used in the sidewall compound strengthens the tyre’s sidewall, allowing it to better withstand impacts and cuts that can easily puncture the tyre. The same material is also utilized in the aviation and military industries. Used in Nokian Weatherproof SUV, Nokian WR SUV 3.

Coanda Technology - The curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal grooves into the transverse grooves. The excellent aquaplaning prevention properties are retained even as the tyre wears down. Used in Nokian WR A4.

Groove Lifts - Controlled, sturdy handling. Groove Lifts on the tread blocks next to the centre rib and longitudinal ribs of the symmetrical tread model improve handling on dry roads, making it stable and controlled. The Groove Lifts also prevent small rocks from wedging in the grooves. Used in Nokian WR SUV 3.

Purified oils - Only purified oils and no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals at all are used in the tyre production. Nokian Tyres is a pioneer of environmental friendliness in its field and is the world’s first tyre manufacturer to have introduced purified, low-aromatic oils in its production. Used in all Nokian Tyres products.

Nokian Tyres premium winter tyres can be purchased in retail stores of Vianor, the official distributor, and from authorized dealers.

More information on Nokian Tyres' winter tyres can be found here: https://www.nokiantyres.com/tyres/passenger-car/winter-tyres/

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