Wed July 6 07:56 am 2011 in category Company news

The new Heavy magazine shines with creativity

Creative ideas bring a new boost to our work and leisure time! Most importantly, just thinking up new ideas cheers us up.

Nokian Heavy Tyres' latest Heavy magazine opens up fresh and new views to creativity. Creativity can be found in machine cabins and on product developers' desks as well as in a machinery rental company!
Heavy 1/2011 - ”No use in re-inventing the wheel”
- Creativity is not about mystique or artistic nonsense! Every one of us can be creative – at least after reading the latest Heavy.
- Beyond All-Steel Radial offers the top in future tyre technology today: better stability, a higher number of service hours, enhanced safety.
- On farms in Northern Germany, fields are big and days long. This is well known to Johann Janssen, who relies on Nokian tyres beneath his slurry tankers and harvesting trailers.
- The Nokian Nordman Harbour tyres, with an excellent price/quality ratio, have arrived at the ports!
- The future development of heavy machinery is steered by three factors: the increasing of efficiency and saving of energy and fuel.
- Rally legend Tommi Mäkinen is the boss behind the wheel of a tractor as well.
Nokian Heavy Tyres' customer magazine, Heavy, is published in Finnish, English, German and Russian.
Heavy 1/2011, pdf