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The range of the advanced Nokian Forest Rider forestry tyre expands

The Nokian Forest Rider forestry tyre range, offering superior traction and driving comfort, will expand with two newcomers tailored for CTL (cut-to-length) machinery. The new size, 600/50R24.5, is especially well suited as a bogey for smaller machines, while the bigger size, 710/70R34, is designed, among other things, for six-wheeled harvesters and forwarders. The size range will expand in the latter part of the year to improve the availability of this radial tyre, which represents top technology in the field.

“The sturdy radial structure can be felt and seen as a large contact area that gives the tyre impressive grip and a sensitive, comfortable driving response. The traction and moving capacity of Nokian Forest Rider is 12 per cent better, and the rolling resistance 5 per cent lower, than those of a traditional cross-ply tyre. Thanks to the low rolling resistance, the tyre also preserves the environment and saves fuel costs,” says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres.

As a result of the larger contact area, the Nokian Forest Rider has a lower surface pressure than a cross-ply tyre, ensuring that the tyre does not sink in terrain with poor support. It is gentler on both growing trees and the driver, in addition to dampening vibration and offering better driving comfort during long days typical of forestry work.

Patented side puncture protection ensures durability

The Nokian Forest Rider is a bold front-runner in its field. It is the first functional radial forestry tyre, launched in 2006 after meticulous development work. The special features and reliability of this advanced forestry tyre have convinced thousands of harvesting professionals all around the world.

The durability of this reliable top-of-the-range tyre fully corresponds to that of the world’s strongest cross-ply products, such as the Nokian Forest King F (Ply Rate 20 PR). Durability is secured by the sturdy structure and patented side puncture protection, which effectively prevents punctures and cuts.

Thanks to the optimised rib pattern, the tyre cleans effortlessly and does not damage the soil in soft forest terrain. Featuring excellent stability, the tyre keeps the machine firmly and safely on the ground during loading.

This lightly rolling companion offers first-rate traction and works convincingly in difficult conditions where tracks and chains cannot be used. If required, it also works efficiently with tracks. The advanced Nokian Forest Rider can be used to replace a forestry tyre of corresponding size.

Tubeless in all sizes

The Nokian Forest Rider, used in CTL forestry machines and heavy tractors is manufactured with tubeless construction (TL=tubeless). A tubeless tyre offers forestry contractors a greater number of efficient working hours, since work is not interrupted by any tube damages. Tubeless mounting requires use of tubeless rim.

Nokian Forest Rider range for CTL forestry machines:

600/50R24.5 New
710/70R34 New

Nokian Forest Rider – driving comfort and absolute traction

  • The wide contact area provides supreme running capacity and is gentle on the surface.
  • The radial structure ensures pleasant driving response and minimises vibration.
  • The low rolling resistance results in lower fuel consumption.

Further information:

Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager
Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd.
tel. +358 (0)10 401 7544

Teemu Vainionpää, Product Manager
Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd.
tel. +358 (0)10 401 7175

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