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Vianor Industrial concept expands further

Unique Vianor Industrial concept meets the increasing need for more technical services for the customer who drives a heavy vehicle. In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine, over 30 sales outlets are already operating based on the Vianor Industrial concept.

Especially in Sweden, the Vianor Industrial concept has grown fast. 12 specialised Vianor Industrial outlets are already in operation, and at the beginning of 2012 four more will be opening.

- At these four new outlets, the technical training of staff has already been more or less completed. The mapping of and investments in equipment needed in tyre repairs and installations are also currently ongoing, says Leif Karlsson, Product Manager of heavy tyres at Vianor AB.

The growth of the Vianor Industrial concept is also continuing elsewhere, with new sales outlets currently being discussed in Ukraine. In future, we will also be expanding the concept, at least in Kazakhstan and Russia.

The Vianor Industrial concept developed through the cooperation of the tyre chain Vianor and Nokian Heavy Tyres guarantees professional service on the heavy side of the business. By virtue of this concept, it is possible to offer machinery businesses and contractors professionally-skilled solutions, taking advantage of the latest innovations and operating models.

- The strength of the concept lies in Vianor's improved ability to be close to the customer while understanding and anticipating their different tyre needs as well as to develop solutions for both product and service related problems. Cooperation with Nokian Heavy Tyres enables the continuous chain of information and development to flow between the products' manufacturer, retailer and end user,” says Juha Lehtinen, Vianor’s Marketing Manager for heavy vehicle tyres.

The professional skills of the specially-trained sales personnel is also at the disposal of the customers at Vianor’s other sales outlets, which, if necessary, can consult to obtain the best solutions. In future, the number of outlets involved in the Vianor Industrial concept will continue to increase.

At the moment in Finland, sales outlets operating under the Vianor Industrial concept are located in Hyvinkää, Tampere and Ylivieska.

All Vianor Industrial sales outlets (as of 30 Sep 2011):

- Hyvinkää
- Tampere
- Ylivieska

- Kristianstad
- Norrköping
- Umeå
- Halmstad (new)
- Haninge (new)
- Trollhättan (new)
- Sävsjö(new)
- Västerås (new)
- Gävle(new)
- Jönköping (new)
- Karlstad (new)
- Skellefteå (new)

Coming to Sweden in 2012
- Smålandsstenar
- Falköping
- Partille
- Trelleborg

- Bergen Loddefjord
- Elverum
- Gol
- Grimstad
- Hamar
- Haugesund
- HönefossHensmoen
- Kristiansand
- Moss
- Notodden
- Oslo Okern
- Stordal
- Trondheim Tiller
- Tromsö
- Verdal
- Öyern

- Dnepropetrorovs (new)
- Donetsk (new)
- Odessa (new)

Further information:

Vianor Ltd
Juha Lehtinen
Marketing Manager
Agricultural and Machinery Tyres
tel. +358 (0)10 401 2280

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd
Vesa Sampakoski
Sales and Marketing Manager
tel. +359 (0)10 401 7605

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