We support your development and well-being

The well-being of our personnel and promoting equal treatment are vital to our operations. We have a comprehensive approach to viewing well-being from the perspective of the individual, supervision, work community, and competence. Continuous development of our work environment and personnel competence are essential parts of our company culture.

We support the physical well-being of our personnel through sports activities and events as well as diverse club activities, among other things. We work closely with occupational health care so as to ensure the health and working ability of our employees. We promote mental well-being by providing work guidance to individuals and groups and through training, work time arrangements, and personnel events. We track well-being throughout the group by using a personnel survey.

Diverse training opportunities enable our professionals to develop their competence and take on new challenges. We also consider the needs and wishes of our personnel when designing the physical exercise and club activities that we offer. Promoting regular exercise and well-being is worth it, as developing and manufacturing cutting-edge products requires energy as well as a bright mind.

Competence of the personnel is critical

The solid competence and updated skill sets of our personnel are important, especially as our company advances, modernises its production, and increases the degree of automation.
We follow the 70–20–10 principle for developing competence: 70 per cent comes from on-the-job learning, 20 per cent from learning from others, and 10 per cent from basic training. Even though we have supervisors ensuring the competence of their unit, we all have the main responsibility for our personal development and competence.

We promote the development of competence through tailored training, vocational degrees, joint training within company networks, and internal job rotation. Our company supports internal job rotation by primarily promoting from within.

Our extensive language training through classroom and online learning ensures that no one is left without words. Regular supervisor training supports and provides practical readiness for management and leadership. Apprenticeship contracts and combining work and studies enable our employees to complete a specialist vocational degree in management or technology, for example.

Own Hakkapeliitta eAcademy includes product modules for passenger car tyres and heavy tyres and promotes our company culture, occupational safety, and knowledge on competition law.

For us, the development of competence is a long-term process that addresses future needs, and we implement it strategically.

Staying active at work

Our diverse sports activities for employees suit both active athletes and beginners alike. For example in Nokia we offers weekly exercise sessions and different clubs. We have a sports hall, and our employees can use a private gym and enjoy a relaxing sauna after physical training.

In addition to instructed exercise groups that are free to attend, we have different club activities in Nokia. Among others, we have clubs for active fly-fishers as well as beginners who are interested in rowing. There are even some special clubs, such as a slot car racing club and the motorcycle club “MC-Hakkapeliitat”. We have not forgotten about our senior Hakkapeliittas either, who have their own active pensioner club.

Our close collaboration with occupational health care is important in maintaining well-being at work. Together, we organise courses for quitting smoking, weight control, and preventing musculoskeletal disorders, for example.

Personnel events create a sense of community

Our personnel events bring the professionals from our different departments and units together for catching up and having fun. The purpose of each event that we organise is to reinforce our company culture and offer our personnel a chance to meet other people who they might not see in their day-to-day work.

Our offices and units organise events around different anniversaries and themes, but some events, such as the Hakkapeliitta Triathlon, are open to the entire personnel of the group.

After the summer holidays, Hakkapeliitta Triathlon – which we have been organising for nearly 20 years – helps us build up strength for the busy autumn season. We also offer a relaxed alternative to competing against the clock or your colleagues. Our characteristic inventiveness is put to the test in the Fun series, where the victory may not necessarily require a flawless performance but imaginative outfits, genuine Hakkapeliitta Spirit, and the ability to put yourself out there. In addition, little Hakkapeliittas can compete in the children’s triathlon, and whole families can take part in the Great Water Fight.

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