We build our success in the Hakkapeliitta Spirit

Our company aims to make the safest, highest-quality, and most eco-friendly tyres in the world. We want to be the best in what we do and act as a pioneer in the tyre industry.

Our strong company culture, the Hakkapeliitta Spirit, is made up by our values, goals, leadership, and everyday work. An established set of values drives our success and enables us to grow our business profitably. At the core of the Hakkapeliitta Spirit are our values, which act as guidelines in our day-to-day operations.

Our values – entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and team spirit – can be seen throughout the history of our company. The history of our group spans over a hundred years, and we have employed several generations of families. We have faced ups and downs, fought and won. We have even made it through tough times back on the road to success.

We strongly believe in our abilities and in working together, and nothing is impossible for us. Our values are reflected in what we do. When setting the world records for the fastest car on ice, for example, we used our expertise, entrepreneurship, and inventiveness but, more importantly, our will to win.

What do entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and team spirit mean to us?

Entrepreneurship = The will to win
We thirst for profit, we are quick and brave. We set ambitious objectives and perform our work with persistence and perseverance. We are dynamic and punctual, and we always make customer satisfaction our first priority.

Inventiveness = The will to survive
We have the skill to survive and excel, even in the most challenging circumstances. Our competence is based on creativity and inquisitiveness, and the nerve to question the status quo. We are driven by a will to learn, develop and create something new.

Team spirit = The will to fight
We work in an atmosphere of genuine joy and action. We work as a team, relying on each other and supporting each other, offering constructive feedback when needed. We embrace differences, and we also encourage our team members to individually pursue winning performances.