Nokian Tyres in a nutshell

Nokian Tyres brings peace of mind and road safety

Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer that promotes and facilitates safe transport under demanding conditions, while respecting environmental values. In freezing blizzards or heavy summer rain, our tyres offer reliability, performance and peace of mind.

We design and produce our tyres for a range of different conditions, which is a unique approach in the tyre industry. The rough roads and extreme weather conditions of the north require different tyre structures and rubber compounds than the warmer climate in Southern Europe, for example. Our innovative high-quality tyres for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery are developed with the aim of sustainable safety and eco-friendliness throughout the product life cycle.

For more than 80 years, Nokian Hakkapeliitta has been the leading winter tyre brand in the Nordic countries and Russia. In these regions our position as the market and price leader is established by our key competitive advantages: a quality image that is based on innovations, state-of-the-art technology and decades of user experience as well as our strong distribution network and competence in logistics.

The group also includes Nokian Heavy Tyres, which focuses on special tyres for the heavy industry, and the Vianor tyre chain, which conducts wholesale and retail sales in Nokian Tyres’ key markets.

In 2017, the company’s turnover was nearly € 1.6 billion and it employed more than 4,600 people. Nokian Tyres is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Read more about the company’s ownership structure here.

Excellent production and efficient distribution

Between 2007 and 2017, we invested approximately one billion euros in our own factories in Finland and Russia, which deliver first-class productivity and quality. Our new factory is under construction in the United States and will be completed in 2020. We have our own sales companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Canada, the United States and China. We have obtained quality and environmental certifications for our production facilities in Nokia and Vsevolozhsk as well as for the Swedish sales company.

We mainly sell passenger car tyres in the replacement market. Our key markets are the Nordic countries and Russia, where Nokian Tyres is the market leader in premium tyres. Central Europe and North America are other important markets for the company in terms of profitable growth.

We sell heavy special tyres whose unique solutions support the business of our end users on both the replacement and original equipment markets.

  • Nokian Tyres’ products were sold in 59 countries
  • Nokian Tyres’ dealer network (Vianor, NAD and N-Tyre) comprised 3,448 stores by the end of 2017

Nokian Tyres’ growth is supported by the branded distribution network, which includes the Vianor and Vianor Partner chains, Nokian Tyres Authorized Dealers (NAD) network and the N-Tyre network. Vianor’s mission is to maintain Nokian Tyres’ market share and to support its brand in the Nordic countries. The purpose of our own Vianor chain is to help in the development of concepts for driving our customers’ sales and to provide deeper insight about our customers’ business and consumer needs. By the end of 2017, the Vianor network included a total of 1,466 service centers in 26 countries. The NAD network operated in 22 countries with 1,855 stores, while the N-Tyre network covered 127 stores in Russia and the CIS countries.

Head office:
Nokian Tyres plc
Pirkkalaistie 7
37100 Nokia

Vianor: Responsible tyre sales and comprehensive service close to the customers

Vianor: Responsible tyre sales and comprehensive service close to the customersVianor is a chain specialising in car maintenance and tyre services that comprises a network of 1,466 service centers in 26 countries. Vianor’s strength is its expertise in challenging driving conditions, which stems from our Nordic roots. Most of our service centers are located in the Nordic countries, Russia and Eastern Continental Europe. We also have service centers in Central Europe and the East Coast of the United States.

The retail store chain and online stores serve both consumers and corporate customers. For corporate customers, Vianor has also developed digital services for fleet and tyre management which allow customers to boost their business.

The tyre selection covers all sorts of tyres for passenger cars, vans and trucks as well as heavy specialist machinery. Vianor represents and sells many other tyre brands as well as Nokian Tyres’ products. In addition to tyres and tyre-related services, Vianor offers car maintenance services to all of its customer groups; these form an increasingly important part of Vianor’s services. All of the services related to driving are conveniently available under the same roof.

Safety is part of the everyday work

Vianor’s operation is guided by the company’s management system, Vianor Way, which is built around understanding the customers and helping them drive as safely as possible. The sustainability management system complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. In addition, Vianor’s processes have become even safer over the years, and the company’s trained personnel always conduct their work with the appropriate equipment.

Responsibility is visible in the everyday work at Vianor: it is important to properly guide the customer to choose the safest tyres in the price category that the customer has selected. Enabling customers to drive safely is becoming an even more comprehensive process than before because Vianor’s car maintenance services offer customers an easier and better way to take care of the entire car in just one location. The extensive network provides service everywhere.

Our tyre storage service is part of improving safety: we clean and inspect the tyres that we store and, if they are at the end of their service life, we notify the customer and help them purchase a set of new, safe tyres.

An important element of responsible service is the inspection card that each customer receives after a tyre change or car maintenance. The card contains safety observations made during the work, from tyre inflation pressure to technical defects.

Vianor is a service company that differentiates itself by offering a wide range of products and services for consumers and corporate customers and by continuously developing innovative digital services and an extensive service network. Vianor aims to be a partner that enables all of its customers to drive safely and effortlessly – and enjoy the most comfortable service.

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