A common safety culture yields results

A safe and comfortable working environment is integral for our operations. We promote occupational safety through risk management, continuous improvement of processes and new investments. Nokian Tyres’ occupational safety is on a good level in its field. We are making our operations even safer and aim for zero injuries. The goal is to ensure that everyone gets to go home healthy at the end of their workday.

Committed, competent personnel and a safe working environment enable our business to grow internationally, including in the future. We have set a target for 2015–2020 to reduce occupational injuries by 70%. Our positive development in reducing the number of injuries continued in 2017. With the LT1F indicator (injuries that result in one or more lost days) our injury frequency rate was 7.5. In 2016, we tracked the injury frequency rate with the LT3F indicator (injuries that result in three or more lost days) and the figure was 7.4. Compared to 2015, we have managed to prevent every other injury.

Absenteeism by company

Absenteeism by company
Nokian Tyres Finland Nokian Tyres Russia Vianor Nordic
Nokian Tyres (FI) Nokian Heavy Tyres NT Tyre Machinery* OOO Nokian Shina OOO Nokian Tyres Nordic Wheels Vianor Holding Oy Vianor Oy Vianor AB Vianor AS
Sick absences % (total) 2.73% 4.77% 11.0% 1.42% 3.16% 0.38% 0.25% 4.30% 4.09% 7.30%
Information of absenteeism by gender is not available
*NT Tyre Machinery sick absences % available only for 10-12/2017 .

Accident rate (more than 1 day absence / million working hours)

Accident rate (more than 1 day absence / million working hours)
2015 2016 2017
Nokian Tyres Finland 22.3 20.2 8.6
Nokian Tyres Russia 3.0 3.0 3.2
Vianor 23.9 15.2 12.6
The ratio of all companies 13.9 11.2 7.5

*The information in the charts has been compiled from local HR systems.

Comprehensive support for occupational well-being

Close cooperation with occupational health care and coordinated improvement activities allow for preventive management of employees’ working ability. The management of working ability is a part of everyday supervisor work. Our positive development in reducing sickness absences continued in 2017. We support the well-being of our employees through various sports and club activities and personnel events. Our work with occupational health care focuses on prevention. For example, in our factories and at our test track, occupational well-being coordinators work every day in close collaboration with supervisors.

In 2017, we invested in the development of the personnel and technology in order to improve safety. Among other things, our trainings focused on leadership models and the immediate supervisors’ role in their teams’ safety trainings. This is for supporting the implementation of safety practices in the everyday work of units and teams. Over the year, we also created new rules and operating models for occupational safety. For example, now it is mandatory to wear safety glasses throughout the production area of the Nokia factory. In the future, reporting tools will provide us global benchmark figures on safety in real time.

Learning by insight

We have been improving our safety culture in the long term. We emphasise that professionalism extends from smooth, fast and flawless results to the way they are achieved. The model applies equally to our own employees as well as the subcontractors working in our areas.

Each employee must identify the risks involved in their work and be able to act on their observations. We encourage everyone in the company to make safety observations. This includes both negative and positive safety observations, safety walks that aim at improving the level of safety and safety culture, near miss reporting and corrective actions. We have a dedicated reporting system for tracking safety observations, which is open to all employees.

In 2017, we introduced in the entire organisation the gamified Hakkapeliitta Go training platform, which strengthens interactive learning. In the course of the year, we created 29 live games on the platform, which were played in Finland and Russia as well as at Vianor locations by various teams in more than 200 sessions. Nearly 570 individual players took part in the game sessions. All of the games included sections related to occupational well-being and safety. The games emphasise the shared development of insights, discussions and the supervisor’s role as the game leader. The system provides statistical data that helps us track the level of competence and identify new areas for improvement.

Heavy Tyres made significant improvements in terms of occupational safety

Heavy Tyres made significant improvements in terms of occupational safetyFrom a safety perspective, the Nokian Heavy Tyres unit is one of our most challenging environments: it involves a considerable amount of manual labour and lifting heavy objects. The unit identified safety and reduction of injuries as a shared theme for everyone.

The unit started the work on improving safety by creating new practices that improve trust and transparency. For example, supervisors’ morning and weekly meetings were moved from the office to production, so that all the employees would have similar opportunities to listen to their discussions.

Furthermore, supervisors received training on speaking up, which they then communicated to their teams. The unit directed everyone’s attention on good and poor safety practices by encouraging employees to make safety observations. As a result, a bit over 1,000 observations were reported by the end of the year. This is more than eight observations per production employee.

By the occupational safety numbers, the unit used to be among the worst performing ones, but when everyone understood the importance of safety and sought for safe ways to work, it rose to the top of the company. Nokian Heavy Tyres managed to avoid eight injuries out of ten, and late in the year the component department reached 1,000 days without accidents.

– It feels good to be able to trust that I and my colleagues will stay safe at work and get to go home healthy and wind down, says Tiina Tommila from the component department, who has been with the company for ten years.

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