Test Tyre Policy

Nokian Tyres provides consumers with truthful and relevant information about its products. In all relations with magazines and other parties involved in testing of tyres and publishing comparative information about Nokian Tyres’ products, Nokian Tyres works under good and ethical co-operation practices.

It is preferred that testers of tyres would acquire the test tyres by themselves (independent of Nokian Tyres), but tyres can also be supplied upon request, or the price of the tyres can be compensated when so agreed.

The tyres sent for testing are always checked for visual or other random defects. If there are multiple versions of the same product, the latest specifications are generally chosen. Due to the continuous improvement of tyres, if there are upcoming improvements to the current product, which are expected to be realized by the time the test is published, test products with those improvements already installed can be provided. Tyres which would not be commercially available at the time of test being published are not delivered.

In case of unidentified new factors changing the specifications and causing the future tyres to significantly differ from the tested tyres, the tyre tester will be informed of the fact as soon as possible.

Nokian Tyres supports journalists, officials and other third parties with factual technical information on tyres and testing related matters when necessary. Providing expertise like this is considered benevolent for common interest, aiming for a better understanding of tyres, testing and safety. In all co-operation with journalists the Nokian Tyres Ethical Guidelines are followed.