Financial management at Nokian Tyres

In our company, financial management actively influences our operations and decision-making thereby enabling us to reach our objectives. Our finance function extensively collects information on the operating environment as well as the different stages and results of the company’s business processes. By processing this information, we aim at forming an understanding of the impact that our business decisions will have. Good financial management provides our company with the best opportunities for planned and foreseeable operations as well as for finding the best operating models in different situations.

Financial management

Profitable but sustainable growth

As a commercial business, one of the key elements in our responsibility is ensuring financial success and being able to provide added value to our financial interest groups. Profitability enables us to further develop our business and it offers financial security, work, and well-being for our personnel as well as our shareholders.

Customer relations and delivery reliability

Long-term customer relationships that are based on trust offer both parties opportunities to improve and succeed.

Effects on society

The salaries and taxes that we pay support the structures of society and improve the quality of life for thousands of people.

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