Material topics - what people expect from us

Material topics - what people expect from us

In the sustainability survey, our most important internal and external stakeholder groups define their individual material topics and risks and opportunities in Nokian Tyres sustainability. 

Through continued focus on sustainability at Nokian Tyres, the company is committed to minimizing its negative impacts and maximizing its positive impacts on the economy, environment, and people. An essential part of driving this positive change is understanding how Nokian Tyres’ stakeholders view sustainability and what sustainability topics are relevant for society and our business. This is done by conducting materiality assessments every three years. The assessments form a basis for sustainability at Nokian Tyres.

Nokian Tyres conducted a new materiality assessment in 2021. The assessment consisted of online surveys and interviews among the most relevant stakeholders to Nokian Tyres. The aim of the online survey and interviews was to ask stakeholders’ opinions about the most relevant sustainability topics to Nokian Tyres.

These answers were then evaluated and summarized, and the results balanced (e.g. differences in answers between geographical areas, the number of answers from own employees versus other stakeholders). A chart of the five most relevant topics in the four main stakeholder groups can be seen here: Our stakeholders.

The VP, Quality & Sustainability, presented the data to the Group Management Team and to the Board of Directors. After this, the most significant impacts were assessed and prioritized based on the data and an analysis conducted by Nokian Tyres’ sustainability experts. The new material topics are included in the Non-Financial Information Statement, which is reviewed and approved by the Board.

In 2018, nine topics were considered material to Nokian Tyres’ operations. Based on the survey and interviews conducted in 2021, some of the topics from 2018 remained equally material, others were combined into one topic, and some were assessed as currently less relevant. The topic Sustainability in the materials used rose to the top of the impacts in almost all of the stakeholder groups, whereas Enhancing economic competitiveness was among the topics that were seen as least important.

In 2021, the following sustainability topics were considered material to Nokian Tyres’ operations:

1. Sustainable raw materials  

2. Actions to mitigate climate change  

3. Safety and well-being at Nokian Tyres 

4. Promoting human rights in all operations  

5. Traffic safety of tires 


Previous material topics from 2018:

1. Responsibility in material choices and promoting the circular economy

2. Continuous development of the road safety of tires

3. Fighting global warming: reducing the rolling resistance of tires

4. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all operations - Use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency

5. Human rights in the supply chain

6. Risk management and good governance

7. Responsible and ethical purchasing policies

8. High level of safety and health at work

9. Profitable growth and indirect economic impacts

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