Vianor: Drive safely!

Vianor’s operation is guided by the company’s management system, Vianor Way, which is built around understanding the customers and helping them drive safely.

The sustainability management system complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Sustainability is visible in the everyday work at Vianor: it is important to guide the customer to choose the safest tyres in the price category that the customer has decided on.

Tyre fitment is also a matter of safety. The processes have been developed over the course of many years, and all of Vianor's personnel are trained in their work. The tools are designed especially for changing tyres. For example, tyre fitters use calibrated torque wrenches, which is especially important with alloy wheels.

Enabling customers to drive safely has become a more comprehensive process than before. With car servicing, Vianor offers customers a way to take care of the entire car in just one location. The chain has a wide geographical coverage, and it aims to provide the right tyres to the customer within two business days from placing an order.

An important element of sustainability in Vianor’s service is the inspection card that each customer receives after a tyre change. It contains information on observations made during the work, such as tyre pressure or any technical faults identified.

The tyre industry offers employment and opportunities for young people

In addition to the safety of its customers, Vianor will also ensure the well-being of its personnel and their competence development and safety. A safe working environment for Vianor’s employees also guarantees high-quality services and products for its customers.

Vianor’s business involves strong variation according to different seasons. In practice, this means varying workloads and numbers of employees. Vianor offers incentive systems for motivating all of its employee groups, for example. During peak season, tyre fitters can really increase their salary by working hard.

Vianor outlets offer work for both permanent employees and seasonal workers: Typically, servicing provides steady work throughout the year and evens out the seasonal fluctuation. During peak season, outlets employ twice as many people as during the rest of the year.

Systematic and careful induction to Vianor’s processes is the most important thing for seasonal workers. It ensures good quality and enables the seasonal worker to do his or her work well and safely.

During the peak seasons, Vianor employs many young people, such as local students who get to earn a little extra. Many of these seasonal workers have worked for several seasons at Vianor outlets. Seasonal workers are also a part of the Vianor team and they fit well in the team.

Comprehensive and responsible customer service

The customers have started to ask more questions about the environmental impact of tyres. People are more aware of rolling resistance and its effect on fuel consumption and, thereby, on the car’s emissions. One reason for this is that the new tyre label system displays the difference between tyres easier than before.

The Hakka Guarantee is an important way to make driving safer. It ensures that the customer will always reach their destination and that assistance is always available nearby.

Vianor is more than just a tyre outlet: Car servicing and tyre storage services offer comprehensive care. The demand for tyre storage services has grown steadily. Car tyres are larger than before, and a single SUV tyre fitted on a wheel may weigh more than 25 kg. Moving a set of tyres to a storage locker and back is not as simple as it used to be. Furthermore, the storage of tyres in the storage areas of housing cooperatives may be prohibited due to fire hazard regulations.

Vianor’s tyre storage service also involves a safety aspect: outlets clean and inspect the tyres that they store and, if they are at the end of their service life, they notify the customer and help him or her purchase a set of new, safe tyres.

Tyre recycling is a natural part of our business

Part of Vianor’s business is formed by tyre recycling. In Finland, Vianor’s tyre recycling partner is Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd, whose operation is funded with the disposal fees included in the price of new tyres. The Nordic countries are pioneers in tyre recycling based on producer responsibility. Sweden and Norway use a recycling system similar to that of Finland. The current collection rate of used tyres is 100 per cent, because all used tyres are collected at some point.

In the EU, the tyre recycling rate has grown strongly in the past decade, and is currently more than 95 per cent. Typically, consumer tyres are recycled approximately six years after their purchase. Tyre recycling is already natural for Vianor’s customers: very few consumers ask where their old tyres will end up.

Professional drivers require a specialised service

Availability is key when providing service for heavy equipment and professional drivers. The majority of Finnish Vianor outlets offer heavy equipment service. The turnaround time is also essential for professional drivers. In Finland, Vianor provides a national 24/7 on-call service.

Retreading heavy tyres reduces raw material consumption, and it is an economically responsible practice. Vianor has six retreading plants in the Nordic countries: three in Finland, one in Sweden and two smaller plants in Norway.

The tyre bodies are transported for retreading from the service outlets and refitted after retreading at the same outlet; Vianor’s process ensures that the customers receive their own bodies back with the desired tread.

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