Human resources at Nokian Tyres

HR management at Nokian Tyres and our key focus areas for 2015–2016

We improved our procedure in several areas of HR management in 2015, and our work is not finished yet. When adjusting and improving the everyday leadership processes and tools, we make sure that there is always a genuine business need for the change. We also avoid making too many changes at once. Based on these principles, we are focusing on the following areas of HR management and occupational health and safety in the coming years.

  • Creating a safety culture
  • Leadership development
  • Promoting well-being at work

Creating a safety culture is a long-term development effort. For several years, we have been working hard towards improving occupational health and safety in our company. We have achieved good results and made great leaps in several areas. However, despite all these positive developments, we still have work ahead of us in creating a comprehensive safety culture that covers everything that we do every day. Safety is one prerequisite for effective, high-quality work. In 2015, we focused on encouraging the use of personal protective equipment, recording and learning from near misses and safety observations and raising the general awareness of safety. Our key measures for 2016 include the global implementation of our simulation game on safety and teamwork as well as arranging the rubber industry’s occupational safety card training to our personnel in Finland.

In leadership, we have defined corporate-wide principles. The leadership principles help us communicate our expectations in terms of the type of leadership that we want to achieve at Nokian Tyres. This affects our HR development and training, managerial recruitment and performance management. In order to implement the leadership principles, we created the Hakkapeliitta Leader simulation game, which nearly all of our company supervisors played in 2015. We also applied the principles in our 360 degree supervisor assessments. In 2016, we will continue our work on the development and global implementation of leadership simulations. Leadership development requires individuals to observe their current working methods, analyse new models and apply them in their current behaviour at work. This is where simulations are better and more effective than traditional learning methods.

We approach well-being at work with a wider perspective than before with the aim to improve it on an individual and organisational level. Our focus is on the workplace. Previously, we mainly looked at the physical dimension of well-being but are now taking into account individuals’ need for learning and development, social acceptance and the possibilities of influencing their own work. We identify areas for locally improving well-being with our annual Drive! survey, which helps teams and departments understand what works well in our company and where we still need to change and update our procedures. The Drive! survey also incorporates our leadership principles. This enables us to receive consistent feedback on our supervisor work. Leadership and supervision in our company are key factors in improving well-being at work.

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