Even small actions matter

We pay salaries and taxes, and we have built homes and a day-care centre for the personnel of our location in Russia. Furthermore, we support local sports clubs with minor contributions and sponsor a school in Nokia. Our tradition of giving back to our communities goes back to the early 1900s when our company built housing for the personnel. We at Nokian Tyres believe that even small actions matter.

Our long tradition in influencing local communities

We affect our local communities in many ways: In Nokia, we are one of the major employers. In Russia, we have built housing for our personnel. We annually support the Finnish war veterans’ celebrations. The taxes that we pay support the well-being of people in different countries. We are also actively involved in making road traffic safer. Furthermore, our small actions – such as our dialogue with our neighbourhood, co-operation with educational institutions and minor contributions for local sports clubs – affect individual persons and communities alike.

The first graders of Nokia-Vihola comprehensive school received exercise books about traffic

In late 2015, Nokian Tyres helped keep the Nokia-Vihola pupils safe in traffic by providing the first graders with exercise books about traffic for personal use over several years. The purpose was to help make a difference and change the sad statistics involving small children.

The children will be using the exercise books personally through grades 1 to 6. The books help children to better understand the themes of traffic that are discussed in class with the teacher and to learn the rules of the road by working on assignments involving various traffic scenarios. The book explains the proper way to behave on the road and in public transport, provides boating safety instructions and teaches the basic road signs. It also covers heavy traffic and the blind spots of vehicles.

When possible, we try to contribute to the well-being of communities throughout our value chain, whether by improving the functions of rubber processors or the well-being of our personnel. In addition to employing several thousand persons in-house, we indirectly create thousands of jobs internationally. For example, our factories in Nokia and Russia employ experts in different fields, such as security, cleaning, construction and logistics.

Our tradition of giving back to our communities goes back to the early 1900s when our company understood that its personnel are the most important resource. Despite the tough economy, our company emphasised personnel well-being and, for example, constructed hundreds of apartments for the employees. Although the world has changed drastically in the last hundred years, we still find it important to support the well-being of our personnel as well as our local communities.

Bicycles removed from production bring joy to children

Bicycles removed from production bring joy to childrenFor safety reasons, we stopped using bicycles inside our factory in Nokia as of spring 2015. The Bicycles removed from production bring joy to childrencheerfully coloured Jopo bicycles that were removed from production were still in good condition, so we decided to surprise several children in the Tampere Region by giving the bicycles out under the Save the Children Finland’s Sporttikummi programme.

Mentoring and student collaboration

We continuously work with educational institutions through thesis collaboration and company visits, for example. We offer various thesis assignments and trainee positions in fields such as R&D, production, finance and maintenance. We also host factory visits for dozens of student groups each year.

We also participate in various student projects and events, such as the Let’s Work programme and Kampuskamari project in 2015. The Mentors of Finland Association partnered with 16 large Finnish employers to offer graduating or recently graduated young people a paid six-month trainee position. The project enabled the trainees to participate in interesting projects, learn new skills and attend three seminars on the working life.

The Tampere University School of Management and the Tampere Chamber of Commerce partnered in the Kampuskamari project, which brings together economics students with member companies of the Chamber of Commerce. The partnership includes student assignments as well as company visits. Nokian Tyres participated in two courses on the current themes in HR management and retail sales concepts.

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Hakkapeliitta Village – the residential area for our Hakkapeliittas

We built the Hakkapeliitta Village, high-quality homes for the employees of our Russian location, only 15 minutes away from our factories. We offer our personnel the opportunity to work and live in excellent, European conditions, and we want to use this as a way of committing our key resources to long employment relationships. We also want them to utilise the career advancement opportunities that our company offers. Hakkapeliitta Village is a social project the likes of which have not been commonly seen in Russia.

All of the apartments in the Hakkapeliitta Village are only sold to the personnel of Nokian Tyres’ Russian location, and anyone can apply for an apartment, regardless of his or her job position. Participants in the housing programme receive control of the apartment after a set period of time; if they end their employment before the time has passed, the investment is returned.

We have handed over the day nurseries that we built in connection with the Hakkapeliitta Village to the municipality. The day nurseries have room for sleeping, playing and other activities. Modern sleeping rooms and playrooms, high-quality sports equipment, good care and good opportunities for the children to develop have received high praise from the Hakkapeliitta Village’s parents and children alike.

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