We build our success together

Everyone has an opportunity to grow and learn in our company. In accordance with our ethical principles, our company develops and implements a company culture that promotes fair and equal treatment and respect. Everyone contributes to our profitable growth and success regardless of his or her position.

Appreciation increases motivation and profitability

Fair and equal treatment of personnel is important to us. We believe that a fair work community is a motivating factor that improves our profitability and competitive ability.

One example of fair treatment in our company is that our employee stock options and bonus programmes cover all of our employees.

We appreciate the competence and ideas of our personnel. Our work on inventiveness is an important channel through which our personnel can further develop their work, the work environment and our business. It provides everyone with an opportunity to make a difference.

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In 2015, after a few years’ break, we celebrated employee anniversaries in Nokia. Similarly, the tenth anniversary of our Russian location marked employee anniversaries as well.

Employee anniversaries celebrate more than 4,000 years of combined experience

In spring 2015, we celebrated and rewarded our employees in Nokia who had been with the company for 20, 30 or 40 years. The employees with work anniversaries enjoyed good food and entertainment and took group photos with their colleagues and supervisors.

The speeches at the event reminded everyone that the ability to learn new things and having the right attitude are essential qualities in building success. Experience is gained on the job over time, and even long-term employment offers opportunities for developing personally as well as influencing the working environment. We celebrated more than 4,000 years of combined experience at the event.

We also marked employee anniversaries for the first time at our Russian location. The Vsevolozhsk factory celebrated its tenth anniversary, and some of its employees have been with our company the entire time. Such commitment is very significant for our company.

In Finland and Russia, we rewarded the employees with work anniversaries with Medals of Merit of Finland Chamber of Commerce.


Our traditional Hakkapeliitta of the Year award highlights Hakkapeliittas around the world

As the northernmost tyre manufacturer in the world, we make roads safer by developing innovative, premium-quality tyres designed for demanding conditions. Therefore, our employees’ competence, inventiveness, boldness and relentlessness are important for building our success.

The Hakkapeliitta of the Year award is one of the ways of showing appreciation and rewarding persons whose actions and example contribute to the work environment, who go above and beyond what is required and who can also celebrate the success of others. We give out the award in Nokia and Russia, and the tradition has continued for more than a decade. The award is significant because our personnel can nominate others for the award and the winners are selected by an independent panel.

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