Sustainability management at Nokian Tyres

The outset of our operations includes respecting environmental and safety aspects without compromises and ensuring high quality and a good customer experience. Our operations take into account ethical principles, diversity of nature, and sustainable development. We respect individual and cultural differences as well as differing opinions.

Sustainability management

Safe production

We improve our EHSQ operations comprehensively in co-operation with the personnel, occupational health care, authorities, and experts. Our goal is to ensure a safe and efficient work environment that takes into consideration the physical, mental, and social well-being of our personnel. Our personnel actively participate in the voluntary, further development of occupational safety, processes, and environmental issues.

Environmental impact of tyre plants

We aim at managing the environmental impacts of our products over their entire life cycle and addressing the safety and quality aspects of our operations in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

Your tyre selection matters – the environmental effects of tyres

Everything that you see when you look around has been transported on tyres at least once. What kind of tyres do you yourself use to get somewhere each day? Most of a tyre’s environmental impacts are generated during use. We take responsibility for the environmental impacts of our operations and our products throughout their lifecycle.

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