Further studies are needed about the possible impact of micro polymers

Lately, there has been discussion about the microplastics that are ending up in seas, and motor vehicles have been brought up as one of the sources. Regarding tyres, the term “microplastics” is somewhat misleading because tyres contain rubber rather than plastic. However, plastic and rubber are both polymers. Tyre wear generates tyre dust, and many publications have included it under micropolymers or microplastics. 

Further studies are needed about the possible impact of micro polymers

The current research indicates that rubber particles that enter bodies of water do not pose verifiable harm to the ecosystem or human health. However, we need more of reliable research results, and microplastics’ potential impact on aquatic ecosystems and human health should be thoroughly investigated. We are actively following the studies on this topic and we participate in external studies ordered by ETRMA and other organisations. Furthermore, we have looked into the utilisation of various bio-based materials in our products.

Our company is committed to continuous improvement, and we are developing our products and our functions to be even more eco-friendly. We take human safety and health very seriously. If, in the future, new research suggests that micropolymers are harmful, we will react and look for new solutions. The materials that are used in a tyre must be considered from the perspectives of safety and eco-friendliness.

One important aspect of reducing the harmful impacts of driving is how we can prevent particle emissions from traffic or control them in an eco-friendlier way from the infrastructure perspective. Such areas for improvement could include sewer systems, ditch embankments or water purification.