Management of R&D and product safety

Our mission is to develop and manufacture the safest, highest-quality, and most eco-friendly tyres in the world. Our development efforts are guided by the principle of sustainable safety: the safe characteristics of a tyre need to remain virtually unchanged throughout the lifecycle of the product. We renew regularly our comprehensive product range that we carefully tailor to different markets and test our products in authentic environments in order to ensure their safety and reliability under diverse and demanding conditions.

Management of product safety

Product safety and quality

For more than 80 years, our solid experience and open mind in product development have resulted in patented solutions that improve safety and driving comfort in the demanding conditions.

Influencing as an expert

Have you ever considered that your car’s only contact point with the road is made up of exactly four palm-sized patches – your tyres? A safe and high-quality tyre is the result of collaboration by experts in various fields. As the creator of industry-leading innovations and a pioneer in safety, we see that it is our right and obligation to promote road safety through our role as an expert.

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