Many ways to make a difference

Have you ever considered that your car’s only contact point with the road is made up of exactly four palm-sized patches – your tyres? A safe and high-quality tyre is the result of collaboration by experts in various fields. As the creator of industry-leading innovations and a pioneer in safety, we see that it is our right and obligation to promote road safety through our role as an expert.

Being a pioneer requires expertise

To us, it is self-evident that developing and producing safe tyres according to high standards of quality involves carrying our responsibility for improving road safety and for educating consumers about tyres and other issues that contribute to safe driving.

Sponsoring the “Turvassa Tiellä” road safety campaign

Sponsoring the “Turvassa Tiellä” road safety campaignThe “Turvassa Tiellä” campaign is a great opportunity for Nokian Tyres to influence young drivers by nurturing and supporting the understanding, knowledge and skill that are ultimately learnt at the wheel of a car. Driving under Northern conditions requires solid teamwork in order to ensure safe and smooth transportation for everyone.

Led by the Finnish motorsport organisation AKK-Motorsport and its marketing company AKK Sports, the “Turvassa Tiellä” campaign is part of the global FIA Action for Road Safety campaign. Awareness of road safety is raised in Finnish primary and upper secondary schools through lessons on road safety and controlling a car. The campaign is visible in various youth and traffic events as well as during national and international motorsport events.

As of 2013, the campaign has reached thousands of youths and large audiences during events, such as Neste Oil Rally and the “Meidän Viikonloppu” exhibition. In 2015, there were 17 campaign instructors working around Finland. The spokespersons of the campaign include the Finnish motorsport stars Valtteri Bottas, Toomas Heikkinen, Esapekka Lappi and Laura Suvanto.

Nokian Tyres has offered tyre products and its training track to be used as part of the campaign, and the company is prominently involved in the campaign events and themes around Finland.

Our experts comprehensively and actively discuss the different aspects of road safety, including the choice of tyres, their environmental impact and safe driving behaviour. We are proud to share this information in order to ensure road safety even under demanding conditions.

In addition to our own materials and expert interviews, we collaborate with the Finnish Driving Schools Association and the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland, for example, on establishing a safe driving culture. Furthermore, we are a member of tyre and automobile organisations in different countries and work on improving road safety.

Traffic Safety 2025 – a joint road safety programme

Traffic Safety 2025 – a joint road safety programmeTraffic Safety 2025 is a joint road safety programme by the Finnish Transport Agency, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Nokian Tyres. The objective is to increase road safety competence and understanding in Finland and support decision making for meeting the national road safety goals.

The co-sponsored programme is led by VTT. One of the specific goals of the programme is that the annual number of road fatalities in Finland is no more than 100 in 2025.

Nokian Tyres has participated in the Traffic Safety 2025 programme right from the outset. The programme has studied the efficacy of winter speed limits, shortcomings with tyres in fatal accidents and the wear of winter tyres, among other things. The studies aim at providing information about the effects of different tyres on road safety, thereby improving road safety in Finland and other winter tyre markets. The results have been and will be presented in Nordic road safety forums, for example, which will extend the road safety contributions of the programme outside Finland.


The Hakkapeliitta Winter Driving School is one example of our efforts to make winter driving safer and more comfortable. It is a comprehensive and multilingual set of training material on winter driving. Our goal is to increase awareness and promote safe driving under winter conditions.

Learn more about the Hakkapeliitta Winter Driving School!

Stronger together

Our company is involved in international and local co-operation with organisations, companies, and educational institutes in different fields. The co-operation with educational institutions and expert organisations is very important in terms of product development and promoting road safety.

Our product development personnel work closely with technical universities and polytechnics. The co-operation includes diploma theses written for our company as well as joint development projects concerning road safety, material development, and design. We offer students trainee placements in production and product development.

Close co-operation with educational institutions offers real, interesting, and practical projects for students and new future experts for our company. Higher educational institutions and companies also have joint projects with Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). We work with educational institutions in Finland as well as in Russia.

Experience in the working life for students and new perspectives for the company

Experience in the working life for students and new perspectives for the companyNokian Tyres’ Product Development department carries out projects that are essential for maintaining our pioneering role. In addition to our in-house and partner projects, we work with educational institutions in projects that benefit the students as well as the company.

Each year, we complete a project with the Demola Innovation Platform. Demola brings together businesses and higher education students on project work for participating businesses. The multidisciplinary project teams are assembled from the three higher education institutions in Tampere with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Depending on the topic, the project team can include graphic design, business administration or programming students, for example.

– By bringing together experts from various backgrounds, we can keep up to date with the different fields and can provide the client companies with as inventive solutions as possible. Our requirement for businesses is to have product development objectives or plans to grow. The students provide the client company with fresh perspectives and ideas, explains Aino Siippainen, Demola’s facilitator. 

Experts in the making

Nokian Tyres’ Development Engineer Teemu Soini is the contact person for collaboration projects with Demola.

– The projects with Demola have been very successful: the students are committed, innovative and hard-working, and the projects have yielded results that we can use and develop further, Soini says.

The Demola projects are popular among students. Based on company and project descriptions, higher education students can apply for three projects of their choice. A project team is assembled based on student specialisations, skill sets and any ideas they might have already when applying for a project. One student can participate in one project. The students who participate in Demola projects are mostly nearing the end of their studies, such as persons who have already completed their bachelor’s thesis.

– The projects are a unique way for the students to get to know and network with businesses. They also provide the students with highly valuable experience and train them for working life, Siippainen explains.


Many ways of combatting street dust 

Our operations are driven by road safety. We develop safer and eco-friendlier studded and non-studded tyres for varying conditions. We will continue our long-term product development efforts that aim at reducing the road wear impact and particle emissions of studded tyres. To us, it is important to make every effort for combatting street dust without compromising road safety.

As a result of several years’ product development, modern winter tyres contribute less to street dust than ever before. The new Nordic stud legislation applies to tyres that are manufactured after July 2013. Studded tyres that follow the new regulations have a significantly reduced road wear impact compared to older tyres.

The Hakkapeliitta Test Driver programme: Authentic experiences, aha moments, and earned trust

The Hakkapeliitta Test Driver programme is Nokian Tyres’ way of promoting road safety by acting locally. Collecting user experience from everyday drivers’ observations is one of the ways to develop new innovations and offer even safer tyres. The test drivers provide us with a window to the real, local driving conditions that motorists from all over the world experience. In addition to supporting our product development, our test drivers promote road safety locally by sharing their experiences in safe winter driving. 

Through the Hakkapeliitta Test Driver Programme, we offer individuals an opportunity to gain experience in driving with the safest tyres and to learn how important tyres are for safety in the course of their everyday driving.

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