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Why are my tyres wearing down quickly?

Factors for wear include low tyre pressure in relation to the vehicle’s weight or load, incorrect wheel steering angles, and worn or faulty shock absorbers. Driving style also plays a large role – sharp braking and acceleration, and turning too quickly, all have an effect. Front wheel tyre vehicles result in more front tyre wear and should be rotated regularly. Rotating tyres evens out wear patterns, prolongs tyre life and increases driving comfort. When the front tyres are worn down over 2 mm more than the rear tyres or if the tyres have been driven 8,000–10,000 km, the front tyres should be switched with the rear tyres. The same applies to rear wheel drive cars. Switching the tyres evens out the patterns of wear on the tyres, maximizes the safe distance that can be traveled, and increases driving comfort.

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