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Find the best tires for your car

  • Applies to tyres for passenger cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks, and buses that are manufactured after 1 July 2012 and that are approved for road use.
  • The labels do not apply to studded tyres, retreaded tyres, spare tyres, racing tyres, or tyres for vintage automobiles. 

The tyre label do not apply to: 

  • Tyres equipped with grip enhancing accessories, such as studded tyres
  • Off-road tyres for professional use
  • Tyres designed for installation only in vehicles first registered before 1 October 1990.
  • Temporary spare tyres of type T
  • Tyres with a speed rating below 80 km/h
  • Tyres whose nominal tyre diameter is at most 254 mm or at least 635 mm (≤10″ or ≥25″)
  • Retreaded tyres
  • Tyres designed for installation only in racing vehicles.