Northern conditions

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Tailored tyres for the right conditions - all non-studded tyres are not equal

When choosing tyres, the consumer must ensure that he/she is buying tyres that suit their driving conditions. This is especially true for non-studded winter tyres. If you mostly drive in changing weather, icy roads or slippery, packed snow, choose studded tyres or Nordic non-studded tyres. Non-studded tyres designed for Central European conditions do not match the requirements of the northern winter.

Test result

On an icy road, the best Nordic non-studded tyre took over 18 metres less to stop from a speed of 50 km/h than the best Central European non-studded tyre. The difference between the best Nordic non-studded tyre and the poorest winter tyre for milder Central European weather conditions was up to over 33 meters. (Tekniikan Maailma 19/2011).