Importance of comparison tests

Find the best tires for your car

  • When selecting a tyre, always choose one that matches your usage in the best possible way.
  • Professionally made, independent comparison tests provide a reliable overall picture of all the most important characteristics of the tyre
  • Comparison tests in motoring magazines have significantly more criteria for testing (new classification model has 3, tyre tests have over 10 properties)
  • Nokian Tyres’ own testing programme consists of over 300 standardised tyre tests 

Tailored tyres for the right conditions 

When choosing tyres, the consumer must ensure that he/she is buying tyres that suit their driving conditions. This is especially true for non-studded winter tyres. If you mostly drive in changing weather, icy roads or slippery, packed snow, choose studded tyres or Nordic non-studded tyres. Non-studded tyres designed for Central European conditions do not match the requirements of the northern winter. 

The tyre label provides no added value for consumers using winter tyres. Instead, it may be misleading and endanger traffic safety. The regulation applies to non-studded winter tyres, but not to studded tyres. 

The tyre label do not apply to: 

  • The label do not apply to studded tyres, retreaded tyres, spare tyres, racing tyres, or tyres for vintage automobiles.