Additional tread blocks

The optimal tread pattern for a studded tyre is symmetrical and directional, with a fixed rotation direction. This supports the wide stud placement, which in turn optimises the excellent grip and lower rolling noise of the tyre. The number of tread blocks on the tyre was substantially increased compared to the predecessor model. This substantial innovation provides first-class winter grip and wear resistance, while reducing the noise level of the tyre.

The larger number of tread blocks increases the number of grooves, that is, the number of gripping edges that contact the ice and snow as the tyre comes into contact with the road surface. A large number of tread blocks also ensures more precise and wider stud placement on the surface of the tyre.

As the tread blocks are smaller in size, they also reduce the heat generation of the tyre. This provides the tyre with excellent wear resistance and ensures more kilometres for the driver. The innovation also improves the fuel economy of the tyre by reducing its rolling resistance.

The tread blocks in the centre area have been joined together into a strong strand that makes the tyre more rigid and balances its handling. The heavily grooved surface and the open block gaps in the edge area have excellent self-cleaning characteristics in snow and slush.

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