Air Claw Technology

Air Claw Technology refers to a combination of a sturdy steel stud and drop-shaped air dampers on the front edges of the tread blocks. The combination provides the tyre with effective grip properties and good stud durability, while reducing the tyre's noise level and rolling resistance.

The air damper technology makes the tyre handle flexibly and fluently, and it also reduces road wear, makes the tyre quieter, and improves stud durability.

The air damper technology is much like the air cushions on the heels of good running shoes; the air vents in the tyre soften and dampen the stud impact on the road, while reducing its vibration on road contact.

The wide, multi-edged and sturdy anchor stud boosts the longitudinal grip of the tyre upon acceleration and braking.

The wide bottom flange of the stud also supports it the best laterally, which improves the lateral grip of the tyre.

The innovative Eco Stud System, a special type of stud cushion, also contributes to the flexible and safe driving comfort.
It boosts the operation of the stud while damping its impact on the road.

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