Dense sipe mesh and wide individual sipes

The aggressive tread of the tyre is covered by an even denser sipe network. The wider individual sipes on the centre area provide additional grip surface, especially on wet snow where the level of friction is the lowest.

The unified centre rib of the new directional tread model with a specified rotation direction improves driving stability. The bound centre area makes driving safer. It also ensures a more regular wear pattern that provides additional safety as the tyre ages. When used on drive wheels, winter tyres usually wear in the centre area.

Especially the multi-layered tread structure of the tyre combined with the tread compound provides a level of driving stability that exceeds standard non-studded tyres. The tyre does not sway; instead, it proceeds with relentless determination regardless of the variations in winter weather. The precise steering feel helps the driver to observe the changes in the level of friction and to react in time. The block geometry of the tread also improves steering on grooved roads.

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