Questions and answers concerning Nokian Tyres' magazine test manipulation

On 24 February 2016, Nokian Tyres released the news that our practices concerning tyre tests in car media have not in all cases always in the past been in line with the sustainable approach of the company. We have openly admitted that we acted wrong, apologised for it and have taken steps to correct our actions.

The tyre comparison tests in the major Nordic, Russian and European professional car magazines have been reliable for years. Our premium products launched during the past several years have been thoroughly tested by independent testers, and the tyres have been bought from stores or control tested. 

We stress that all of our products are, and have always been, extremely safe and of high quality.

Transparency is inevitable and benefits everyone, especially the consumer

Testing by independent magazines and consumer organisations has had a great impact on consumer safety and tyre development in Europe. Testers set the targets and put weight especially on safety-related characteristics.

The introduction of complete transparency and ethical behaviour also into tyre testing processes is important for everyone involved. It is in the consumers’, testing organisations’, publishing houses’ and manufacturers’ interest. It will ensure that consumers can rely on comparative tyre testing and drive with the safest tyres also in the future. We are also proposing to create common, industry-wide ethical tyre testing principles together. We will do that, however, on our own anyway.