Test driven by an F1 legend

Test driven by an F1 legend

Mika Häkkinen ensured the new Nokian Powerproof works safely and reliably in extreme conditions

The new Nokian Powerproof summer tire is a UHP product designed for the Central European autobahns. The starting point for its design was functionality in any weather and under any circumstances, even at high speeds. In addition to Nokian Tyres’ experts and the latest technology, the development work involved a speed specialist: the tire was test driven by Mika Häkkinen, two-time Formula 1 World Champion.

A good tire needs to work quickly, reliably and safely. Häkkinen used this as a basis for his test runs:

- A high-quality tire offers good steering response. It works at high and low speeds and on wet and dry surfaces alike. A good tire gives the driver confidence which in turn offers safety.

Häkkinen tested the Nokian Powerproof on several European test tracks. As a high-speed professional, Häkkinen was able to provide feedback on the tire’s functionality at the extremes and when operating at the grip limits.

"A good tire needs to work quickly, reliably and safely."
Mika Häkkinen, Double F1 Champion

- You can sometimes encounter scenarios where extreme grip and control are required, even outside of a Grand Prix track. Nokian Powerproof is a fantastic tire that does exactly what the driver tells it to, Häkkinen says.

Nokian Tyres’ product development team has worked with Häkkinen before. The previous end result was the Nokian Hakka Black 2, a summer tire designed for high-speed driving on Nordic roads.

- The professionals at Nokian Tyres are incredibly committed to their work. They can take a massive number of technical details and shape them into a high-quality tire. It has been a pleasure to share my experience with them Häkkinen says.