F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen

Nokian Powerproof SUV – precise handling, enjoyable driving feel

The engine purrs calmly as the two-time F1 World Champion and the new Nokian Powerproof SUV summer tire recover from a controlled slide. They are running a test in a wet circle to try out the wet grip properties of this new SUV tire designed for the Central European market.

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- Like its little brother, it remains very precise and predictable even at high speeds, says Mika Häkkinen, comparing the tire to the Nokian Powerproof which has achieved excellent success in magazine tests.

Teamwork and a focus on details

Nokian Tyres has had the pleasure of working with Häkkinen for several years already. This high-speed professional has participated in testing premium products designed for high-speed driving together with the in-house test teams of the world's northernmost tire company, both on the high speed track in Papenburg and on the Finnish company's home turf in Nokia.

- During my Formula 1 career, I have worked with several tire manufacturers. Nokian Tyres' strengths lie in teamwork and a focus on the details, which can be seen in their high-quality products. Being Finnish is all about having determination and guts – that Finnish ‘sisu’ – the attitude of never giving up. You need to constantly learn and develop new things to stay on top and be a winner. That applies to me and Nokian Tyres, as well. It is a pleasure to work with such a top brand, Häkkinen says.

Nokian Powerproof SUV – precise handling, enjoyable driving feel
"It works at high and low speeds and on wet and dry surfaces alike. It gives you confidence, which in turn offers safety."
Mika Häkkinen, Double F1 Champion

Ready for adventure

The new Nokian Powerproof SUV is a UHP summer tire designed for the Central European autobahns and highways. The starting point for its development was functionality in any weather and under any circumstances, even at high speeds. Aramid reinforced sidewalls, a unique innovation from Nokian Tyres, offer peace of mind and exceptional protection against potholes and cuts.

Gravel rattles in the wheel wells and the asphalt radiates midsummer heat, as a massive SUV sure-footedly climbs up the tight serpentine road. Below, you can see the busy Monte Carlo, the turquoise Mediterranean, and the paved streets of the village of La Turbien.

- In my SUV tires, I value stability, reliability, and ease of driving. The Nokian Powerproof SUV is an admirable combination of high-class performance, extreme durability, and enjoyable driving feel. It works at high and low speeds and on wet and dry surfaces alike. It gives you confidence, which in turn offers safety, Häkkinen summarizes.

Finding a parking spot is easy on the Route du Mont-Angelin mountain road. Simply put on your helmet and take the mountain bike off the rack. You are ready for adventure.

- This is my retreat and source of energy, an opportunity to go wherever I want, Häkkinen says, gazing at the top of the mountain.