A non-studded tyre for SUVs that is used in the demanding and varying European conditions. Offers excellent handling on all driving surfaces.


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Nokian WR SUV 3

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The ''Beast from the East'' during Winter 2018 - was easily tamed by Nokian WR SUV 3 tyres

★★★★★ 5/5
50 days ago
These tyres are in my opinion ''the best'', and are / have being used now for a year with all year round use on my Volvo XC90, after all we get more bad weather than good in the North of England. The grip from these tyres in winter is something to behold [what snow, ice & rain ?], and believed. The only marginally increased stopping distance in comparison with ''good'' summer tyres [in hot weather only - when we get any] is far outweighed by the much shorter stopping distances [compared to premium quality summer tyres] in the wet & especially in the cold [ 7 degree C & below ], that we have the majority of the year. These tyres are in my opinion much more comfortable, quieter, and better wearing [even used in the summer months - which would usually take its toll on a softer rubber winter tyre compound] than even the previous German Continental tyres that I considered to be ''good in summer but not in winter''. It would appear that there is something to be said for buying winter tyres from a country such as Finland where they endure cold and snowy weather a lot more than we do, and know how to build tyres to tame the weather. When these do eventually wear down to an ''acceptable and safe limit'', which at the current rate of wear I anticipate to be at least another year, I will have no hesitation in purchasing another set, and regularily recommend Nokian tyres to others. Wet weather grip is highly impressive,
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    ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5
    48 days ago
    Having used WRD3 and WRD4 from NOKIAN in the past, I opted for WRSUV3 on my NISSAN XTRAIL. Very very dissatisfied with light snow covered handling compared to Dr and D4's. NOKIAN very unhelpful in helping to resolve and have removed them in favour of WRD4's at my own cost. currently seeking refund via Credit card as retailer refused refund. These are no where near as effective as other NOKIAN tyres where there is less than 1pm covering of fresh snow. I have driven these tyres in deep snow and are excellent in every way. The most common UK snow however is light covering to 4pm and these tyres do not cope.

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      Deep snow & compacted Ice no problem for sensible & skilfull drivers

      ★★★★★ 5/5
      44 days ago
      Additional to my previous review on the 18 inch WR SUV 3 tyres fitted to my Volvo XC90 which I found worked exceptionally well on Thursday of this week here in Leeds which suffered some of the worst snow and weather in the country - My heavy vehicle loves them, not a hint of slipping even on solid ice / compacted snow, up hill or down, providing of course one drives sensibly [low gears up and down hills, gentle braking, and of course low revs & speed etc.], and skillfully [I sought to increase my driving skills a made it a starting point, after passing my test many years ago, I think a lot of people pass and then retard backwards. Good winter tyres do help considerably on snow etc. but can not cover for shockingly low or non-existent skill / abilities such as I witnessed on that day, and no it can not always be blamed on the lack of gritting it was the pure stupidity of some drivers who should have stayed at home or caught the bus, instead of causing gridlock and many unnesesary crashes, which increase the insurance premiums for all of us.
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        Year round comfort and safety

        ★★★★★ 5/5
        28 days ago
        Even wear and quiet traction on both our Volvos. The XC90 and XC70 are unstoppable on this tire.
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