Learning the condition of your tyres made fast and easy:

SnapSkan digital service measures tread depth and sends the results to your mobile device

The condition of your tyres affects the safety of all road users, including yourself. That’s why Nokian Tyres together with Vianor tyre and car service chain developed SnapSkan, a digital service that knows the condition of the tyres even better than the driver. SnapSkan makes measuring tread depth quick and efficient by utilising the latest 3D scanning technology.


"25% of drivers have no idea what condition their tyres are in. Nokian Tyres decided to do something about this."

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This is how it works

SnapSkan makes improving road safety as fast and easy as 1-2-3:

1. Drive over the SnapSkan scanner

You drive over the SnapSkan scanner when entering eg. a car park. Using 3D scanning SnapSkan measures your tyres’ tread depth.

2. Send your license plate number via a text message

You can then send a text message to opt-in to get the report of your tyres’ condition. If you do not send the sms, all the information SnapSkan has gathered of your vehicle will be deleted within two weeks.

3. You receive the report of your tyres’ condition

You get the report straight to your mobile device and the service is totally free of charge. The report shows you the vital measurements of your tyres and tells you whether it is time to change them for new ones. You also get a code that allows you to get a discount on new tyres in selected stores.

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Why does tyre tread depth matter?

Did you know that tyres are the most active safety equipment of your car? Tyres are the four paws, the palms of your car’s hands - the hands in which you trust your life. Studies show that approximately 25 % of tyre related accidents occur because the tyre’s tread depth is below the minimum level. 


SnapSkan was first introduced in its native Finland in 2016. Check where SnapSkan is currently available.