Sometimes the safety of your loved ones depends on millimetres

Tyre’s tread depth will significantly affect driving safety, like breaking distance and aquaplaning resistance characteristics. Nokian Tyres' SnapSkan technology measures your tyres' tread depth, and after the scan, you can opt to receive a report on the condition of your tyres straight to your mobile device. It is fast, easy and hassle-free, and most of all safe: by driving with good tyres you improve road safety and give yourself and others more time to react in surprising situations.

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What is SnapSkan?

SnapSkan is an entirely new way of measuring the tread depth and safety of tyres quickly and efficiently thanks to 3D scanning technology. The automated drive-over scanner reads the tyres while a camera identifies the vehicle based on the registration number. When the scan is complete, the driver can opt to receive a personal tyre report by text message or email free of charge, regardless of which manufacturer's tyres are fitted to the car. No separate equipment need to be installed in the vehicle itself. The SnapSkan service will appear along drivers' everyday routes in locations such as car parks world-wide in the near future.