Are you aware of the condition of your tyres?

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SnapSkan gives you peace of mind for the journey ahead

Many drivers are unaware of the poor condition of their tyres. A high percentage of accidents related to tyre condition are caused by too low tread depth.

SnapSkan by Nokian Tyres is a free service that alerts you on the condition of your tyres and the impact on road safety.

How to check your tyres

SnapSkan - Enter your registration number

enter your registration number

Enter your registration number here.

SnapSkan - Skan your tyres with SnapSkan

Scan your tyres with SnapSkan

Your tyres will be scanned automatically when you drive over SnapSkan scanner.

SnapSkan - Receive a free report

Receive a free report

The report indicates the condition of your tyres and the impact on road safety.

Scan your tyres at the closest SnapSkan point. Find the service centers here.


In addition to SnapSkan lanes located in parking garages you can scan your tyres at many Vianor service centers.

Find the nearest service center

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Old and worn tyres should not be used in traffic anymore. To increase road safety Nokian Tyres launches SnapSkan, a revolutionary tyre scanning technology, that allows people to find out the condition of their tyres completely free of charge.

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