Regardless of some bumps and puddles, life is a beautiful journey.

Our passion is to support yours by offering safety and peace of mind for those tighter turns and rainy days we all encounter.

Presenting our new modern SUV summer tires, we are taking the next step and bringing first-class safety, quality and balance for your everyday life.

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Once in a while we all feel the need to disconnect from our fast-paced lives and reconnect with ourselves. For some of us it means exploring nature and marveling the world, for others spending time with our loved ones. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of solitude to pause and calm the racing mind. Other times exploring off-the-beaten paths enables us to bask in the purity of the present moment.

Tires are not just a necessity. They belong in our everyday lives making sure we get to our destination safely and with a peaceful mind, but they also enable us to appreciate the world around us. Whether you are traveling to work on a familiar route or exploring places where time stops, you need to be able to rely on your tires.

New Nokian Powerproof SUV – precise handling, enjoyable driving feel

The new Nokian Powerproof SUV is a UHP summer tire designed for powerful SUV’s cruising the Central European autobahns. Designed for safe and carefree driving, the new Nokian Powerproof SUV offers peace of mind for both high-speed lane changes as well as for sudden braking. The Dual Zone Safety technology featured in the test-winning passenger car model ensures that the Nokian Powerproof SUV remains precise and exact on rain-slick motorways and sun-scorched boulevards.

Peace of mind for tighter turns

The logical and stable handling is combined by optimized wet grip. Coming with strong and improved SUV structure, the Nokian Powerproof SUV is equipped with Nokian Tyres’ unique Aramid Sidewall technology. The sidewall structure contains extremely strong aramid fiber, which makes it more resistant to sudden impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily interrupt a trip.

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Gravel rattles in the wheel wells and the asphalt of a mountain road radiates midsummer heat. Below is the busy and noisy Monte Carlo and the turquoise Mediterranean, as an SUV climbs up the tight serpentine road. At its wheel is the two-time F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen, heading up to his secret getaway.

- Sometimes I need to have time just for myself. It’s very important to me that I can go where I want to, when I want to, Häkkinen reveals.

- That is why I value stability, reliability, and ease of driving. The Nokian Powerproof SUV is an admirable combination of high-class performance, extreme durability, and enjoyable driving feel. It gives you confidence, which in turn offers safety, Häkkinen summarizes.

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New Nokian Wetproof SUV - Extreme safety for wet and dry roads

The new Nokian Wetproof SUV is a safe and reliable summer tire for small and medium-sized SUVs. The tire’s most important features are excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance, which makes driving easy and comfortable even on rainy days. Nokian Wetproof SUV features a unique safety zone technology, specially developed for varying summer conditions.

Peace of mind for rainy days

The secret behind the superb combination of wet and dry properties is the Dual Zone Safety technology. The Stability Zone on the tire’s outer shoulder ensures balanced driving feel, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside maximizes the aquaplaning resistance. The tire’s wet grip is among the best in the industry, in class A. More durability and protection for demanding driving situations is provided by Aramid Sidewalls.

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The core of Nokian Tyres' product development is safety. We know that summer tires need to work safely and reliably from spring mornings to late autumn, which means summer tires are not one-season products.

When enjoying the sunny and beautiful summer days, it’s easy to forget the slippery driveways and rain-soaked roads your tires also need to master.

Nokian Tyres’ special expertise, sustainable safety and environmental friendliness ensure our new generation summer tires offer steady performance and peace of mind for all conditions.

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Passenger car tire


The Nokian Powerproof summer tire masters all forms of Central European summer. The driving feel is extremely stable and logical and offers no surprises on acute braking or swift lane changes. Exuding an air of quality, the new Nokian Powerproof belongs in the top tier of passenger car tires: the UHP category.

"BEST BALANCE: Fine all-round performance ensured a win for Nokian.” Well deserved win for Nokian, with a balanced performance across wet and dry tests." Test winner / Auto Express 7/2019

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Passenger car tire


The test-winning Nokian Wetproof is a safe and reliable summer tire for passenger cars. It offers the best possible combination of wet and dry properties and security and driving confidence in all conditions. Reduced rolling resistance enhances fuel-efficiency and supports eco-friendly driving.

"Very safe wet performance with high grip level. The best wet braking performance in the test. Very reliable and easy to control also in dry conditions." Test winner / Auto Motor und Sport 7/2019

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Nokian Powerproof SUV

The size selection of Nokian Powerproof SUV offers 29 products from 17 to 21 inches, with speed ratings of V (240km/h), W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The new products will be available to consumers in the spring of 2020.

Nokian Powerproof SUV

Nokian Wetproof SUV

Nokian Wetproof SUV is offered in the speed categories H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h), and the size range covers 27 items from 16-inch to 19-inch. The new products will be available to consumers in the spring of 2020.

Nokian Wetproof SUV

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