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Reliable all-season tyres for medium and regional haul transport

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These days, the transport business is more about economy than adventure. Out with the highway cowboys, in with efficient, predictable processes. Keep your wheels turning profitably by making the right choices where they matter.

Which tyres offer just the right set of features and the most trouble-free kilometres for your money? In typical conditions, covering the most distance with the least surprises is the recipe for success.

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Save with every rotation

Nokian E-Truck is a series of medium and regional haul tyres designed for European roads. There are some costs you can’t do much about – and some that you can. Tyres are one of them.

The economy

Every Nokian E-Truck product features a special rubber compound and design to minimize rolling resistance. In the long run, this translates to both savings and eco-friendliness.

Proven technology

Widely available and made in Europe, the sturdy Nokian E-Truck series uses road-proven solutions and offers a good puncture resistance.


Giving you thousands upon thousands of trouble-free kilometres is where Nokian E-Truck really shines. And when they are worn out, you can retread them for the second round.


If most of your driving is made in regular conditions, there is no point in paying for the extra grip or extreme winter features.


Silence and good driving properties are safety factors that help preventing any costly surprises.

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Nokian E-Truck range

Nokian E-Truck Steer
Steady handling in the long run

Nokian E-Truck Steer

Designed for year-round use on steer axles on medium and regional haul trucks and buses. Its good wet grip and strong pattern give you steady, predictable handling.

  • New type of zigzag-shaped grooves prevent stone trapping
  • Even wear pattern for good mileage
  • Spiral Sipe System adds grip on all roads

Nokian E-Truck Drive
Grip that doesn’t wear out

Nokian E-Truck Drive

An all-season drive axle tyre designed for medium and regional haul operations. It offers good grip and economical kilometers on different kinds of roads and weather conditions.

  • Effective block pattern and open center tread design ensure good traction
  • Even wear pattern for long, trouble-free life
  • Low rolling resistance and tyre noise for fuel economy and comfort

Nokian E-Truck Trailer
Heavy loads, long journeys

Nokian E-Truck Trailer

An economical choice for demanding year-round trailer use. Its robust shoulders and even wear pattern guarantee good mileage, while the low rolling resistance saves fuel and the environment.

  • New zigzag-shaped grooves improve stability
  • Less stone trapping for longer tyre life
  • Good grip on main road use

Technical specifications

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Stories of the road

”I leave on Sunday, come back on Saturday,
and I come back in one piece”

— Gerard Leushuis

Gerard Leushuis has seen many European roads during his 38 years as a professional truck driver. Millions of kilometres have taught him what really matters in the transport business.

“Time is money, but you have to know where your responsibilities lay”, he says. “Safety is important. You are not alone in the road.”

But what is important in a tyre? Gerard has a clear view on that as well. “Mileage”, he points out first. “And it shouldn’t make a lot of noise. Comfortable, reliable and economical.”

Being on time is important to Gerard, but he does not want to take any risks. “I have one mission”, he says. “I leave on Sunday, come back on Saturday, and I come back in one piece.”

Ready for the second round

Nokian E-Truck tyres have a sturdy carcass which makes them very suitable for retreading. Nokian Noktop and E-tread retreading materials extend the life of your E-Truck tyres to the second and even third round.

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